Posted by HG on July 9, 2007



5 weeks after reconstructive surgery on his left ankle and 1 week since surgery on his right shoulder, Kwame Brown looks good to go.. To the club. He was spotted at the Here Lounge in West Hollywood last Thursday, enjoying himself to the fullest. While primarily a gay men’s bar, Thursday nights at the Here Lounge is for the ladies.

Here are 2 pieces of good news for Laker fans. Good News#1: Kwame wasn’t bouncing around on the ankle. He was playing the wall and dancing with two ladies at the same time. He wasn’t raisin’ the roof or walkin it out, just gettin’ his freak on. Good News#2: This happened after Kobe’s shopping center video rant. KB24 woulda had another reason to talk about “fucked up situations”.

I’m a fan of the girls that like to party with girls so I’m not knockin’ the former #1 overall pick for this. I’m sayin though, if you mix Kwame Brown, scoring problems, lesbian bar, Michael Jordan allegedly calling Brown a flaming faggot, and Phil Jackson’s comments together, you get one helluva punchline.

**Shout out to Bad Gyrl for the tip**



  1. withmalice said

    Holy gods… you would think Brown would be trying to fly UNDER the radar…

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  3. cuzoogle said

    Im sure he knows deep down this is the only way to get some decent press. It is not like he will be putting up 20 points anytime soon. I can only imagine the locker room jokes from this.

  4. Eboni said

    I LUV IT!

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  6. Panger said

    You forgot birthday cake.

  7. All of us in DC miss him. Every time I look at his pretty face, as the 5 of hearts in my 2003-04 Wizards playing cards, I cry. Caron Butler is overrated.

  8. eastwest said

    That bar rocks!!

    It may be Lesbian night but it is a pretty mixed crowd. Now if only someone took a picture…
    the bathrooms are coed though, haha fun fun in the summertime

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  10. Sesa said

    How come everybody is so sure that Kwame only hangs out at that bar on thursdays?

  11. Lakerwurm said

    When Sky Sushi first closed, the promoters moved to The Here Lounge. The only time i’ve frequented the club was when they threw a party and they do Hip Hop parties. The females there all were on us cause they said none of the other dudes there were straight. So at that point we left. We do frequent Pearl right across the street from The Here Lounge. One time going to Pearl we saw John Amaechi (former NBA player, who had just released his nation wide come-out campaign) at The Here which for us confirmed that it was a gay club. Now that Kwame’s been there, and got called a flaming fagot by Michel Jordan we should all agree, Dude is gay, along with Smush Parker, another iffy figure (big ass Part in his head), but he’s no longer a Laker, so who cares. All in all, with that being said, for us Lakers fans this is only more fuel to Kobe’s fire, no one else on the team takes basketball serious, they all want to party. Kobe wants to win! Or maybe he knows he’s surrounded by admirer’s even in the locker room.

  12. eastwest said

    Kwame was also see on Saturday night at Ladies Touch @ The Little Temple Bar

    Actually if you want to hit up on the straight female friends of gay men, you’re better off going to the Abbey. No competition at all. And the women are pretty hot.

  13. Tom Slick said

    When Kwame was with the Wizards he was a regular in the underground gay scene in Baltimore. He would often show up at private parties and leave with 2 or 3 young stud muffins.

    Incidentally the rumor is that he’s strictly a bottom and he likes water sports.

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