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Posted by HG on January 7, 2007

Anybody in the mood for some dated Hip-Hop reporting? Thought so… Just make sure you watch (or skip ahead to) the ending.

If that wasn’t good enough for you here’s some nsfw outdated sports news…. “Analisyst, Edgar James, Cardians, and the Boston Global” Mmmmm..good shit

Samuel Peter out-fatted out fought James Toney in Hollywood, Florida.

Martin Frank agrees with me about Larry Brown and his job stealing ways.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking back in after the afternoon games, but don’t hold me to it. It’s gonna depend on how much “fun” I have taking in all the action.

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Posted by HG on January 7, 2007

4 of the Top Ten toppled in college basketball.

Low and behold, The Indianapolis Colts can play a little defense.womanoftheyear.jpg

Correction. Mo Cheeks start packing your bags.

Cincinatti beats Western Michigan in a meaningless game dubbed “The International Bowl”.

Javon Walker unable to attend Williams funeral due to heavy grief. If you’ve seen the pictures with Walker in the bloodstained clothes you should have no problem understanding.

Here’s some video of the top highlights from the NBA on Saturday.

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Posted by HG on January 7, 2007

From wonderboy to suicide watch in 3 hours..Wow.

Pretty much the last thing I was expecting at that point. Especially since I called Dallas 24 Seattle 20. sadromo1.jpgSeattle is pretty much who I thought they were and Dallas let em off the hook. Terrell Owens was so traumatized by the shocking turn of events that he couldn’t even bring himself to rip Romo, the coaching staff, or “The Snitch”. This game had a ton of ups and downs or plot twist or whatever you want to call it. I thought the ‘Boys had the game locked up on more than one occassion.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS PLAYOFF FUTURE: If the Eagles win, Philly heads to New Orleans and Seattle’s headed to Chicago. If the Giants win then the G-men go to Chicago and Seattle plays the Saints.

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Posted by HG on January 6, 2007

The Dallas Mavericks extended their winning streak to 13 with a win in San Antonio last night. Over the next 8 days the Mavs are @LAL, @Utah, home against Portland, @Indiana, and @Toronto. Dallas needs wins at LA and at Utah to tie Phoenix’s season high 15 game win streak. I’m saying the streak ends in Los Angeles. Kobe seems to have something extra for Dallas. He dropped 62 points in 3 quarters against them, and there’s always this.

Police arrest a parole violator who’s name came up in the Darrent Williams murder investigation. They’re not calling him a suspect at this time.

Jim Lampley says he innocent. The first of his 3 ex-wives agrees.

Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce predicts limiting the Eagles to 100 yards of offense.

Larry Brown has been named executive VP with the 76ers.

Brown will assist team president Billy King on basketball operations and other related projects.”

So lemme get this straight…A money hungry swindler Carolina guy is gonna help out a struggling overmatched Dukie? Yeah right. Billy start packing.

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Posted by HG on January 5, 2007

Whoa.. Sorry y’all.. The New Year Celebration took a bigger toll on me than I thought. I missed out on Nick Saban making an ass out of himself, more Gilbert brilliance, and Jim Lampley bringing his work home. I’m gonna need a little time to catch up so until then, who’s in the mood for a week 12 handicapping flashback? I know I am.

Umm..What was I talking about again? Oh yeah.


Kansas City Chiefs +7 at Indianapolis Colts: Everybody and their mama are Read the rest of this entry »

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