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Posted by HG on April 22, 2007


If you’re a sports junkie like me there’s gonna be times when your love life and your sports life go head to head. You wanna watch the game, she wants to go to the mall, church, the dentist, or basically anywhere you can’t watch the game. Unless you’re lucky enough to be going out with a female “junkie”, you’re gonna find yourself in the “your team or me” arguments. An argument that she’s gonna lose unless you concede for some reason. Letting your relationship crash due to sports seems worth it until the rumor starts to spread that you broke up with her because you prefer watching men play with balls. That’s not a good look. I’ve created this brief guide to help you avoid those rumors and include your honey in your sports life.



If you’ve just met a new woman and you want to give her a peek into your weird, superstitious, crack like addiction to the sports world, take her to a baseball game. There’s nothing like being out at the yard on a warm summer day, eating overpriced stadium food and drinking overpriced stadium beer, with a female you’re trying to get to know. The pace of the game allows for plenty of conversation, and the basic rules are simple enough for anybody (male or female) to understand so you won’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what’s going on on the field. If you have the right seats, there’s the thrill of possibly catching a foul ball, and copping a feel protecting her from the incoming projectile. The key is the talking. If you don’t get a good read on a person after 9 innings either A) you need to step your game up or B) she’s hiding SOMETHING and you need to make that the last date.


If basketball is your game of choice there’s two options. Invite her to your place to watch the game or go to a sports bar. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take her to a game. The tickets to the game are kinda pricey… There’s no need to blow that kinda dough in the beginning. Also, the up and down action (of the game) can be a little too exciting, leaving you with timeouts, halftime, and food runs as your only time to really talk to her. If you go the “invite her to your crib” route make sure you have food. I suggest you have two choices planned for the main course. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering McDonald’s or spaghetti, just have the options. If you have one choice of food, you better believe it’s gonna be something she doesn’t want or like. Your also gonna need a variety of snack foods and some beverages. Again, options are key, because we know how THEY do. A woman will go out of her way to make you go out of your way. You gotta head her off at the pass.

Going to the sports bar is fun and dangerous. It’s fun because you’re hanging out in a hype atmosphere, eating and drinking, and chillin wit mami. It’s dangerous because if this relationship actually goes anywhere she’s gonna think that she has sports bar privileges all the time. She would be wrong. I don’t know what it is but there’s a major difference between going on a date to the sports bar and taking your girl to the sports bar. It’s cool to go to a sports bar with the fellas and meet some women, but it’s lame to go to the sports bar with the fellas and bring your woman.


At this point, you know her like the back of your hand. Some days you hope joke that she goes missing, some days are tolerable. Don’t get it twisted, you get on her nerves too. If you want have to go to a sporting event together now’s the time for basketball. Yes you’re gonna drop some money, but if it’s your girl it’s worth it.The same reasons you don’t wanna take a new relationship to a basketball game are the exact reasons you should take an old relationship. There’s gonna be the non-stop action on the floor so you won’t have to talk much. She’s out and about, eating (hopefully having a good time), and she can brag to her friends that she got to see AI. You get to see a game live, and earn some points towards “I’m hangin with the homies tonight”.

Baseball and the old relationship is a tough situation. It’s still fun to go to the park, but now you have to bring your woman. Why do you think you see so many older dudes listening to a game on the radio or filling out a scorecard? They’re saying “look baby, I brought you to the game, now leave me the hell alone”. And watching a baseball game at home with the old lady.. Forget about it. Unless you have a private room and other tv’s dispersed throughout the pad, you’re about to get 3+ hours of “this is boring..let’s talk about us” or “ooooh look at this outfit in my new _____ catalogue… don’t you think it would go great with my green ____ shoes?” Ladies, we don’t know and we don’t care. Another thing fellas.. She might let you watch that baseball game, but you’re gonna be logging some serious American Idol time later.


It’s a simple one word answer. NO. We don’t go with them to the OB/GYN, they don’t need to watch football with us.

I hope this helps!!

PS… If I’m currently dating you and you read this. I’m just joking…. For the most part.