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Posted by HG on March 10, 2007

Kobe’s been all over the news for going Baby Powder on Marko Jaric and Manu Ginobili. Don’t forget about the elbow he gave Mike Miller as well. Kobe was in Philly throwin’ them bows at Kyle Korver last night. We’ll see if a suspension follows. So to get to the point, does Kobe hate white people or everybody? First, let’s ask Reggie Miller or Raja Bell Well Raja flopped but it didn’t stop him from getting his revenge. Both of those guys are kinda light skinned so maybe Kobe considers that too close to white. Chris Childs is a brown skinned cat and Kobe had to go with him too. I’m still not finding enough evidence that Kobe isn’t prejudiced…. Melvin Ely is a little darker so maybe we’re finally getting somewhere.. It’s funny too, Kobe didn’t exactly run away like Carmelo but he wanted nothing to do with big Mel. Ok, so does Kobe hate white people? How the hell would I know?!?.. It could just be a case of misplaced rage. Kobe’s probably pissed at Mitch Kupchak for surrounding him with that piece of crap injury prone roster, and he’s decided to take it out on the league’s melanin challenged members. I think the only way Jack Bauer24 can prove that he’s not a racist is to challenge Kevin Garnett, Bo Outlaw, and Wesley Snipes to a death match.


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