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Posted by HG on April 12, 2007

don-imus-1.jpgIs it time for Don Imus to pack his bags and make the move to satellite?I can hardly think of a better time for him to go ahead and join the likes of Opie & Anthony and Howard Stern on the big broadcast in the sky. Opie & Anthony’s move was pretty much forced after they were kicked off the air. Imus could be following suit since MSNBC will no longer simulcast his show, and sponsors are saying peace out homie. I think Imus should be fired, but will it even matter if he can go make the same racist comments he’s been making for years in a new forum?

The biggest issue to arise from the Imus fiasco is why can (black) rappers and (black)comedians say “hoe” but everybody’s mad at Don Imus for saying it?.. I gotta be honest. When I first heard the comments, I was more offended by the “nappy headed” portion of the statement than I was the hoes part. I don’t agree with calling women bitches and hoes, but the racist part of his comments burned a little more than the misogynistic parts. I’m not trying to be a sexist but if Don Imus said I was at the mall and I saw some hoes I don’t think many people would say anything. If Don Imus said I was at the mall and saw that nappy headed coach Tony Dungy there would be more outrage.  I think most people that are taking offense to Imus’ comments are doing so because he clearly identified the Rutgers Women’s basketball team as the target of his blast. It’s strange to me that nobody is really calling out Imus producer Bernard McGuirk for his comment. He was the first person to refer to the Rutgers women as hoes on the air.

Although I’m against everything Don Imus and company said I think we need to be careful with our political correctness. We’re gonna end up having free speech laws equivalent to the Patriot Act. If we start blaming rappers for Imus’ comments, and movies for violence in society, where will we stop? Is there no responsibility placed on the individual? I’ve listened to Hip Hop since 1982. I haven’t killed one person. Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite movies yet, I’ve never gone to France to track down a missing soldier. When the shootings took place at Columbine people wanted to execute ban Marilyn Manson. Again, that’s a case of misplaced reactions which Marilyn himself talked about here.

When the double standard card is played I find myself flip flopping on the issue. I don’t think I’m appropriately equipped (mentally) to express all of my views on the subject so I will defer for the moment. Noted author and a dude that’s way smarter than me, Michael Eric Dyson, gives his views on the “N” word controversy in the video below.

I once worked at a local sports radio station with a person I would call a racist. This person is still on the air. Two of the more memorable examples of his idiocy are 1) The time he told me he believes it’s a scientific fact that whites are smarter than blacks, and 2) The time he asked me “why can you guys say nigger to each other but blacks get mad if I say nigger to them?” Being a professional, I had never uttered the word nigger or nigga in this man’s presence. I just looked at him for a second, then I asked him “who do you want to call a nigger and get away with it?” I’ve never quite understood why non-blacks get upset that blacks say nigga to one another but blacks don’t want non-blacks to call them that. I know we have equality in our country but why would a non-black want to say the word? I have no idea.

Jason Whitlock and others in the black community are placing the blame on the rappers as well. People are calling out Jesse and Al for going after Don Imus, and not saying a word to the rappers. These people are misinformed. Jesse Jackson wants to ban the use of the word nigger/nigga and Sharpton was clearly against the negative aspect of rap music when he started his “movement”. And since everyone wants to be fair and correct, is it fair and correct to lump ALL of rap music into one mysoginistic, violent, and ignorant group? Of course not. But again, the people “hatin on the culture” are misinformed. It’s gonna be interesting to see the reaction of the Universal Music Group  (home to Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, and others), which is a subsidary of Vivendi SA, which also houses NBC/Universal, who just dropped Imus.

I never imagined myself spending this much time talking about Don Imus or women’s basketball. Well, Don Imus really because I’m not talking about women’s basketball, just a situation in which one team is involved. Anyways..I’m starting to ramble so I think it’s time for me to hit the dusty trail, but if you haven’t had enough of this mess follow the links.

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