Posted by HG on July 12, 2007

Miss Gossip really interviews Greg Oden. MSM feel free to quote. Courtesy of Fan House

Greg Lloyd is teaching martial arts. Courtesy of Mondesi’s House

SPAM: The movie. Courtesy of Dallas Penn

Sam Malone is Mike Greenberg’s idol. Courtesy of With Leather

How the hell did they do this? Courtesy of Our Book of Scrap

For those of you that laugh at other’s pain. Courtesy of I Fux

Before Shaq funs for sheriff, he needs to figure out where he’s running. Courtesy of Celebitchy

Klitschko vs. Evander? Courtesy of Doghouse Boxing

Elliot Wilson’s > list. Courtesy of XXL

Some baseball stats you might’ve missed. Courtesy of Out Of Left Field



3 Responses to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. Once again thanks for the love Homie…….Yo I dont know if you seen this but I posted a video of Gus Johnson *pausing* Spike Lee when Spike says “I love Dick” ……..Yo late pass just in case

  2. HG said

    no problem. LA got love for it’s little cousin to the south. i saw the clip on AHH. Gus was a fool for that.

  3. The-XFacta said

    What’s good homie… Yo I seem to be missing on the Blogroll… This needs to be investigated and fixed… LOL..

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