Posted by HG on July 9, 2007

Ya boy made Blog Show. Courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant

Another Tupac conspiracy laid to rest. Courtesy of Nah Right

LeBron dissed by Miami club. Courtesy of Nation Of Islam SportsBlog

Let Chief Wahoo stay in Cleveland… And the Black Eyed Peas are sellouts. Courtesy of Bugs & Cranks

Breaking down DieHard and Transformers. Courtesy of Dallas Penn

Colt .45 is making a comeback. Courtesy of USA Today’s Pop Candy

Vote for the Home Run Derby winner. Courtesy of Babes Love Baseball

The state of Florida will not get an All-Star game. Courtesy of The Serious Tip

Is Federer/Nadal the best rivalry going? Courtesy of FanHouse’s MJD

K-Ci’s not looking good but he’s feeling himself. Courtesy of Bossip

4 Responses to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN’”

  1. Sooze said

    I swear all those votes for Morneau are not mine…

  2. cuzoogle said

    awesome stuff

  3. withmalice said

    No way in hell is the best sports rivalry Nadal/Federer… doesn’t there have to be a least a LIL’ bit of antipathy?

    Give me All Blacks vs Wallabies any day (yeah, I know – teams, not individuals)…

  4. HG said

    i’ve never watched a whole rugby game so i’ll take your word for it.

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