Posted by HG on June 30, 2007


The guys over at Five Tool Tool dropped their Top 10 Tips For Sports Blog Traffic a few days ago. I wanted to talk about a few of the things they’ve mentioned and add a couple of thoughts. Here’s a review of the FTT list:

  1. Ass Kissing
  2. Current Events
  3. Whore Yourself
  4. Whore Others
  5. Whore Strangers
  6. Tech Fun
  7. Cheap Heat
  8. Keywords
  9. Gambling
  10. Lists!

My list looks like this:

1. Good Material: It doesn’t guarantee traffic, but you have to have something interesting for the masses if they find you. How many boring blogs have you stumbled upon and then bookmarked? Exactly. It doesn’t matter if your post are breaking news, spins on mainstream stories, youtube clips, faux interviews, real interviews, something original, or a crazy story, you want to have something that can keep people’s attention.

2. Ass Kissing/Get Links: If you’ve crafted a masterpiece or you got a story/angle nobody’s going with, you gotta get the word out. The biggest sneezers in the sports blogosphere are DeadSpin, The Big Lead, and With Leather. If one of those sites picks up your story, you’re looking at a good day numbers wise. On the mainstream side of the tracks, your traffic’s gonna boom if you get picked up on SI’s Hot Clicks or The 10 Spot BlogYou’re fooling yourself if you think any of those folks have time to sit and read through every blog, so your gonna have to point them in the right direction.

3. Be Social: The number one stop for a sports blog trying to get a rep is Ball Hype. It’s the easiest way to connect with other bloggers, and you can check out what everybody else is doing. In a nutshell it’s Digg for sports… Other bloggers see your stories on Ball Hype and they hype ’em up or down. On a good day, a number of sites will link to your story because they saw it on Ball Hype.

Don’t limit yourself to BH and Digg.. Go do some searching around and find which social site works for you. Blog Carnival is another site that can get you some new traffic, but I can’t explain how it works even though I know how it works… It’s just one of those things. All I can say is find a carnival, hop on, and enjoy the ride.

4. Spread Love: Traffic is the ultimate goal, but you have to remember you got brothas and sistas in the struggle for numbers. You see a story you like, link to it, or you can have the increasingly popular “link dump”. The “dumps” are a collection of stories from around the blogosphere. I have Bloggas Be Typin but you can check out Cheap Shots or Spanning The Blog as other examples. When you’ve linked to others, it encourages them to link to you. You can call it karma, I call it the Blogger Way.

Deadspin’s “Blogdome” is the most popular link dump, even if it’s been getting some neg(ative) press lately. Earlier this week Stop Mike Lupica wondered who’s leg do you have to hump to get a link on Deadspin, and got a few people aggy.. I definitely see certain blogs linked more often than the rest, but it is what it is. Like I said in tip #2, sometimes you gotta point people in the right direction.

5. Cheap Heat/Keywords/Window Shoppers/Current Events: I use this category to draw people that are passing through.. People that are looking for sports but not really. These terms draw the most people to me through search engines:

  1. Serena Williams’ ass
  2. Nip Slip
  3. Brady Quinn’s girlfriend

The key there is the women. They don’t say sex sells for nothing. I wrote about the first story and linked to the last two, and everyday people find my blog by searching for those terms. I’m not saying those are the 3 best, but those perform for me.

Just like sports radio hosts can yell “Pete Rose” or “Steroids” and watch the phone lines light up, bloggers have some automatics they can go to. I like to call ’em Kobe and the 7A’s (A-Rod, Arenas, Artest, & African-American Athlete Arrested). Everybody does it in one way or another, and the only down side to this technique is if it’s your only technique.


These sites, technorati/alexa, allow you to track your ranking according to their guidelines. If you want all of your numbers delivered to you in one place check out Hopefully all of the tips above will have you climbing up the charts.

Top Ten Tips For Sports Blog Traffic. Courtesy of Five Tool Tool



  1. Jason said

    6. Write a post explaining how to increase traffic to a sports blog. 🙂

    Solid list (and thanks for the mention). Like you say, links are critical–not only for driving people directly to your site, but also for improving your search engine juice. (As long as they don’t have those pesky nofollow tags, that is.)

  2. TheHype said

    I love it when Jas whips out the sexy W3C-talk, yeah!

    7) Post small, but frequent entries… (I personally don’t do it, because I’m a lazy bum — but that appears to work for the biggies)

    7.5) Don’t post too frequent… as quality of quantity makes people want to read it, kinda like an appointment and not just skim (sites like FreeDarko is a good example of this)

    8) Cocaine. Works wonders (probably not relevant, but who’s counting :p )

  3. joshua said

    #2 sounds like a contradiction.

  4. Be interactive with other blogs.

    When Ladies first launched, we did several voter’s guides to The Big Picture’s “Would You” tourney. It was a great way to kinda get ourselves out there.

    Personal pieces, like our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day posts, also get a ton of hits from outside non-Deadspin readers.

    (“Grady Sizemore” and “Michael Phelps” are still the most popular searches that get people to Ladies.)

  5. withmalice said

    Nice post… As a new blogger I’ll definitely be attempting some of these tips. Currently I have my ‘blog-sifting’ links up once a week – would you folks suggest more often?

  6. Jonathan said

    3. In addition to BallHype and Digg, post links to your stories on (it is a newer social sports site, so right now it is easier to get your link to the top).

  7. Ian said

    Great list. Like you said, it’s getting your name out there. Just because you email them a story don’t expect them to use it all the time. In time, it will come and then your traffic will increase.

    Like TSW said, try to partner up with another blog too. I did it with Sooze from Babes Love Baseball and that helped both our traffics. Also the link dumps is a great tool.

  8. Comment frequently on other blogs when you can, and the team-up aspect helps — take offers at doing guest posts when you can.

    Doing live blogs at AwfulAnnouncing for the NFL playoffs and the NCAA tourney helped a bunch when I got started.

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  10. gulfcoastpolo said

    excellent post, i will definetly use some of those tips

  11. DMtShooter said

    Jeez, it’s like we touched a need or nerve. HG, how dare you take something that we posted on FTT and turn it into something useful and quasi-serious? You’re betraying the whole spirit of the thing.

    (and thanks for the link and traffic)


  12. HG said

    thanks for everyone stopping by and adding more tips to the list.
    @Jason yes, #6 should be on the list
    @The Hype, #s 7 and 7.5 seem good..not quite sure how the yayo helps but to each his own.
    @TheStarterWife (TSW from here on) you didn’t mention make the geeks do the work for you with the ole othay loggerbay racketbay.
    @DMt of FTT look what you started sir.
    @myself..that’s enough @s for now..

  13. Adam said

    Nice list. Posts like this are insightful even for those of us who somewhat know what we are doing. I guess that one person can never come up with all the answers on their own.

    Here’s a tip for football bloggers — do a mock draft. Sites like and have great mock draft databases that will direct significant traffic to your site. Walter Football even goes year round, so you can do a 2008 NFL mock now and he’ll link your site. It’s not exactly going to be Deadspin or The Big Lead, but it could really help a struggling football blog pick up a bit.

    Thanks again!

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  15. HG – Well, mentioning HBB had already been done by Five-Tool in his original post, so I didn’t see the need to talk about it again.

    (See how that cycle is complete?)

    And I would never wish hosting a HBB on my worst enemy after all the work, headaches, and complaints we got from that.

  16. JMP said

    Making fun of Peter King helps, too!

  17. Extra P. said

    I got linked by TrueHoop for the first time this past week around the NBA draft, and let me tell you, that heat has a long tail. Deadspin numbers go through the roof and then come back down, but I’ve been adding about 800 clicks a day from TrueHoop, and I wrote the piece on Thursday of last week!

  18. Extra P. said

    TSW – Ha, Michael Phelps, yeah. On my College Rule blog, he is mentioned in passing as a famous Michigan alum, with no photo of him in evidence. Somehow, I still get several searches a day coming there looking for him. The other side of the coin is Lucy Liu (same post). So thanks to Josh at The Feed for accidentally writing a post about all of the hotties who have gone to UMich!

  19. Bloof said

    Getting traffic to your site is one thing. Inspiring comments is another. I’d like to see a list for THAT.

  20. DMtShooter said

    Oh, Bloof, you make blogging fun.

    And I don’t have to tell you, but you’re the only one.



  21. SportsBiz said

    The rules are so true and number 5 couldn’t be more true. It’s amazing what Amanda Beard did for my traffic.

  22. first off, HG, great post! i might even do a similar one tomorrow (with a link back to you and FTT, of course!)

    Definitely want to second S2N’s point about commenting. Especially now, with so many similar blogs, befriending another site by commenting often is a really good thing to be doing for newer bloggers. Even for the more established blogs it’s a good thing to be doing.

    I also think reoccuring features help…at least for me. It helps distinguish one blog from another and gets readers coming back for the next segment in the particular feature.

  23. rstiles said

    Great post….all us bloggers are in the same boat

  24. Mac G said

    I have nothing to add, just following your advice on making comments to pimp my blog. 🙂

  25. […] to make an easy blog post, and maybe increase traffic to my little corner of the world. (Thanks You Been Blinded and Five Tool Tool, with an assist from MCBias). So here, is version 1.0 of the Mind Pinball […]

  26. This is a great post, and everything you’ve said (and been said in the comments) is true. And sorry for being so late to this, I just got back from vacation.

    So here’s my question: why did 6 people on Ballhype vote your story down? I mean, I know why people vote my stories down (I seem to have made some, um, enemies lately…) but it looks like some people out there might have a beef with you….

  27. HG said

    SML, thanks for coming thru. why does anyone vote down anything on ballhype? i don’t hype all day everyday, and i have a weird hyping criteria, but i never down hype. i don’t see the point. and i think i’ve definitely had more down hype worthy stories than a post dedicated to helping other bloggers. case in point
    kwame brown at a lesbian bar got 1 down hype.

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