Posted by HG on June 26, 2007


It’s time to trade Lamar Odom. Get his ass on the first thing smoking. Destination: Anywhere but here. There’s no other way to put this.. Lamar, GET OUT.

Think about it.. Do the Lakers really want to saddle themselves with this guy? This is the same guy that we haven’t heard a peep from the whole offseason. He hasn’t criticized management, he hasn’t demanded a trade. All he’s done is sit back and hear his name in trade rumor after trade rumor, and he’s still acting like a gentleman? Bullshit!! Get his ass outta here.

How quickly we all forget. Lamar Odom is the dude that tore the labrum in his left shoulder, missed 5 games, and then returned to the line-up. He even had surgery AFTER the season. That’s garbage. He averaged 19 points and 13 boards in the playoffs against Phoenix. Who the hell does he think he is? And why isn’t he helping the team? When Kobe’s scoring 40, 50, or 60, all Lamar’s doing is passing the ball or trying to stay active in the offense while Kobe’s dribbling the 24 second clock down. When Kobe called damn near every radio station in the country, how many did Lamar call? Zero. He made Kobe carry the load again. That’s unacceptable.

What has Lamar Odom done to prove that he’s worthy of staying in Los Angeles? He hasn’t chased the owner of the team, Jerry Buss, halfway around the world to bitch and moan. He hasn’t been leaking his discontent to Ric Bucher or Stephen A. Smith. Hell, he hasn’t even been caught on tape, by a camera phone at a strip mall, berating Andrew Bynum and Mitch Kupchak. It seems like he wants out of here to me, and I think the Lakers should grant him his wish.

 Have you seen Lamar Odom’s website, What the hell is that? Where’s the trade demand, where are the goodbyes? Lamar, my man, what’s the point in having the website if you’re not using it to talk shit? Odom can’t do anything right. It’s like he’s daring the team to trade him. The Los Angeles Lakers can not stand for this.

The Lakers need to go ahead, cut their losses, and move on. Who knows if Odom’s going to Indiana or Minnesota? He has the gall not to speak on it. I’d like to hear Lamar speak on how he was a key piece in Miami’s trade offer that forced Shaq out of Los Angeles.. He’s playing his “good soldier” role to perfection, and this is Hollywood, but the team can’t have him not acting out… The fact that Lamar Odom puts the team ahead of himself intentionally is selfish, and the Lakers should trade him now.


One Response to “TRADE LAMAR ODOM NOW”

  1. D3 said

    Or how he played through the season after his infant son passed last off season….

    More players need to be like Odom. Played the 4 in Miami during Wade’s rookie (play-off) season, played point forward in LA, and never complained. Odom and D-Fisher are the truth.

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