Posted by HG on June 26, 2007


It’s gonna happen one day. I’ll be sitting somewhere, watching a game, and then wham.. I’ll become a new school hater. “Nobody can be better than Joe Montana”. “Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time”. I’ll be defending the steroid era. I’ll do anything other than accept that the players of that day are better than the players I grew up with.

And so it is for former PGA player Mac O’Grady. He has a disdain for all things new and Tiger Woods. After failing to qualify for the Buick Open, Mac-Grady dropped this:

When Nicklaus and Palmer played, when (Ben) Hogan played and Sam Snead played, on a scale of zero to 10, they were a nine-plus. Tiger Woods is not even a one-plus.”

He’s gotta be kidding. “Not even a one-plus”? That’s just stupid. He killed his credibility right out the gate. Even as a hater you’d have to call Tiger a 6+. To say “not even a 1+” means what, zero+? Ok man.. O’Grady says the technology is to blame:

“The reason why (Woods) can hit it on the green is because he has square grooves. He doesn’t have that, he’s dead. He cannot do it — it’s impossible. For him to go after Nicklaus’ records is cheating. This is like steroids.”

Tiger using legal equipment is cheating? Somebody needs to explain that one to me. Ole Mac’s starting to sound like a guy that wouldn’t have been happy when Aaron passed Ruth. I never realized that having “square grooves” was akin to injecting one’s self with performance enhancing drugs. And of course he found time to mix Michelle Wie into the conversation too:

“What Michelle Wie is doing is not humanly possible. It’s technologically possible because the balls go too straight, they go too far.”

All the credit goes to the clubs and the balls, not to the golfer. Tiger’s only good because of his sticks. That’s what I’m reading from Mac. Of course the equipment’s better now, and yes it helps, but it’s not the only reason guys are better today. Mac can feel how ever he wants about his heroes, but to diminish what Tiger has done only makes O’Grady sound like a fool.

But who am I to talk? I’m labeling O’Grady as a bitter old-timer, but for what? There’s no point since I’ll be just like him in a couple of decades. I’m gonna hate every player in the 2020s and beyond. I’m not gonna like how the bats are made, basketball will be too international, and football will be too soft. NASCAR will be the shit though.. Since the cars will be able to fly….But it was still better in my day.

Click thru to the original story, O’Grady takes swing at Woods, for Mac O’Grady’s pic. Courtesy of The Detroit News



  1. The-XFacta said

    LOL… This is an ill post.. Duke sounds like a serious Tiger hater

  2. Tiger hater? Sounds like a bigoted racist to me!

    And memo to Mac: if it’s all just the sticks and the balls, how come YOU can’t be on a 600 yard par-5 in two? You got square grooves to Mac, what’s the fucking problem?

    Oh wait, is he still playing with persimmon woods and feather stuffed balls?

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