Posted by HG on June 21, 2007

Poor NBA ratings.. blame ABCCourtesy of Sports Media Watch

Sammy joins Hank, Barry, Babe, and Willie at #600. So what?! Courtesy of Larry Brown Sports

Ice-T talks about the “N” word and why Cam’ron is an idiot. Courtesy of SOHH

The NBA should draft one player per day. Courtesy of MJD at AOL’s Fanhouse

Cheerleaders+Ninjas+”Strip-Off”= Summer Blockbuster. Courtesy of The Serious Tip

You might want to avoid these jerseys. Courtesy of Sportable

Hip Hop’s 25 greatest movies. Courtesy of XXL

U.S. sports are in really bad shape when we’re losing to Pakistan in street hockey. Courtesy of Shake Down Sports

Paperboy writing ditty ridin’ dirty. Courtesy of A Hot Mess

Coral from the Real World is now a practicing lesbian. Courtesy of Outlook Magazine (VIA USA TODAY)


2 Responses to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. Born Wisdom said

    Your headline for the story about Paperboy riding dirty is the most clever thing I’ve seen on this site.

  2. HG said

    im not sure how im sposed to take that

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