Posted by HG on June 20, 2007


If you only take one positive from the NBA playoffs this year it should be that advertising works. I don’t have the ratings from the latest airing of TBS’ “House of Payne”, but episode 1 did incredibly well and the 2nd episode was basic cable’s #1 sitcom telecast of all time. OF ALL TIME. In fairness, I have never seen the show, and I have nothing against anybody that has anything to do with the program BUT.. Are you serious? “House of Payne”?!? Did all of those spots during TNT’s NBA broadcast drive the nation to watch that show? Was there a drawing for $500 million bucks during the middle of the broadcast?

I won’t judge a book by it’s cover but I’ll judge a tv show by it’s commercials. To put it nicely, the commercials sucked. I thought they were supposed to highlight the good parts of a show with commercials. HOP ads made me cringe. The commercials made me set a tivo reminder not to watch TBS the entire day that the show airs… And I don’t care what the hell the rest of you are watching, I won’t be tuning in for “House of Payne”.. I’ll stop short of saying I’ll never watch because the show’s creator Tyler Perry got TBS to sign up for 100 episodes… There is a God. And he loves him some Tyler Perry.

If HOP is pulling numbers for TBS, what’s a show produced by Kenny Smith and Jamie Foxx gonna do? You can listen to Kenny talking about the new show here.

TBS and Tyler Perry Brings Major “Payne”. Courtesy of EUR Web

Kenny Smith Interview. Courtesy of Sports Interview



  1. Shanti said

    There is a God. And he loves him some Tyler Perry.


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