Posted by HG on June 20, 2007


What do you do when you’re a retired quarterback? You offer your opinion on who should be the starting signal caller for your former team. At least that’s what Bernie Kosar does:

‘‘People think because me and Charlie (Frye) are friends that’s why I feel like he’s ready. But just because I like (Frye) doesn’t make him a good quarterback. There’s no correlation. I just thought he did a great job dealing with all the problems the Browns went through last year.’’

Ok, Bernie and Charlie are friends.. That’s cool..

‘‘I think he played great to play average. There was so much that went wrong last year: The running game was non-existent, there wasn’t very good pass protection, guys dropped balls, the offensive system changed in the middle of the year — there were just so many obstacles to overcome. And I thought Charlie did a good job with it.’’

All right Bernie, it sounds like your leaning towards Frye but what about Brady Quinn?

‘‘There couldn’t be a worse-case scenario for a first-year quarterback to start. The Browns are certainly improved from last year. But with Romeo (Crennel) needing to win after a rough season, a new offensive system coming in, not to mention Brady has to learn the differences from college to the NFL — it’s just a very difficult situation.’’

I’m with Bernie when he says Crennel needs to win this year. Romeo’s gonna need a pretty good season to save his job imo. I agree that there’s an adjustment period for rookies. I’m not quite sure what a new system has to do with Brady Quinn.. He didn’t play in the old system. It’s possible Kosar means that a collective offensive unit would benefit from a more experienced quarterback when learning a new offense… Or he’s slightly hatin’. Either way, Brady played for the genius Charlie Weis in a pro style offense. Shouldn’t he be able to pick up on anything?

‘‘I was really well-coached in college. And the same could be said for Brady, coming from Charlie Weiss’ offense at Notre Dame. But you could also say that because that offense was so advanced, Brady didn’t have to deal with a lot of the problems other quarterbacks did.’’

Jeezus.. Brady Quinn should be thanking his lucky stars that Kosar wasn’t around on draft day. Brady might not have gone until the second or third round if Bernie had his say.

Kosar visits Warren, local football camp. Courtesy of the Tribune Chronicle




  1. Kozar saying that Frye played average last year discounts any and all opinions he has on the matter. Frye was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. Hands down. And you can’t tell me Winslow and Braylon aren’t weapons.

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  4. […] Ahhhh! Cleveland QB institution Bernie Kosar has gone Charlie Frye over Brady Quinn. […]

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  6. Andrew said

    You can tell how well Kosar has thoroughly thought about this and checked into Quinn’s collegiate coaching by the way he mis-spelled Wies. Also, Frye and Kosar are friends? Can this be NBC’s new reality show?

  7. HG said

    ^^ummmm…nevermind.. a reality show with kosar/frye vs teams made up of clemens/pettitte and chris simms/kyle shanahan?

  8. derek said

    Romeo Is a great coach ,Cleveland was handi capped by the league when they came back!

  9. b.k
    for this season maybe charlie frye will start but down the road the boy from the golden dome ofold n.d.will displace him.sorry b.k as an old miami may not like my input on this subject.your old friend from in the huddle at tanglewood c.c.and the bernie kosar charity classic .
    bob degirolamo

  10. bob degirolamo said

    how about a reply m june 29th comment.i reitterate at the beginningof the year charlie`
    french fry will start.but in my opinion charly cant carry the team for 16 games i strongly feel brsdy quinn will take over by game 8.romeos coaching future depends on this season.go browns
    bob degirolamo

  11. jennifer Marks said

    Guys…OK Im getting really irritated reading this stuff. Frye may NOT have gotten a fair chance considering our HORRIFIC offensive line, but I wanna ask everyone this question, Does Charlie Frye really appear as a TEAM Leader ??? He seems to be having a very difficult time just fitting in with Teammates. Why does he have to talk with a FAKE Southern Accent ?????????????? or is that GETTO-Slang ?? What is that all about? I thought he was from Willard Ohio. Iv heard his Dad talk a few times to the media when Frye got drafted and his Dad sounds like he could be from Parma or Medina etc. When Braylon Edwards grabbed FRye’s shoulder during that Sideline Incident and appeared to be speaking his mind…Frye’s response to the media after the game was; “Me and B’Waywen talked bout dat and he-be-down-wit-it”….huh ??????? Is that good or bad ??? What the hell is that suppose to mean ?? Has anyone ever heard Bernie Kozar talk so ridiculous??? NOT !! Could you even imagine someone like Brian Sipe, Paul Mcdonald or even Gary Danielson explaining something and talk to the media that way??? NOT!!! Can you imagine IF and I say IF Webster Slaughter grabbed Bernie Kozar’s Shoulder on the Sideline and got in his face…regardless….Marty Schottenheimer would have crucified Slaughter after the game, a suspension would have been automatic. I think fatboy Romeo asked Mike Trivisano what he sould do for punishment!! Yikes !! Who’s really in Charge ?? Moreover, you just would see it in the first place, which says that this team NEEDS a LEADER and Frye is not it and will continue not to command any respect as long as he continues to talk Getto. byeee jen

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