Posted by HG on June 19, 2007


I’m sure the first thing 98% (with a sample error of +/- 2%) of you said is “who the hell is Maykel Galindo?” I’m glad you asked.. MG is a striker for USA Chivas in the MLS. He defected from Cuba to the United States in 2005, by himself, without telling his family and friends. I had never heard of Galindo until today, and I’ll admit, the only times I see soccer being played are 1. The World Cup, 2. FIFA on playstation, and 3. If I’m driving by the park in the evening or on a weekend.

Galindo’s hard upbringing in rural, destitute Cuba combined with his fight to make it in the U.S. have helped him to identify with Tony Montana. He doesn’t associate himself with the coked-out murdering Montana but rather the smart, ambitious, ruthless Tony. Maykel sees the film as a “Cuban guy who has to fight to survive”. Yeah.. And Jaws is just about a hungry fish.

I wonder if Galindo goes with Scarface themed trash talking on the field. I would probably die of laughter if I heard Maykel say “Fuck David Beckham and fuck the fuckin’ Freddy Adu. Fuck them all. I’ll bury those cocka-roaches.”

Soccer: More than word to Galindo. Courtesy of the LA Daily News

And speaking of Adu and Beckham, Freddy has a little warning for the people expecting a lot out of Becks. Courtesy of Soccer 365



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