Posted by HG on June 18, 2007

Harold Reynolds talks about his departure from ESPN. Courtesy of DeadSpin

A new Tupac documentary. Courtesy of Nah Right

Elijah Dukes’ ex-wife airs him out. **YBB UPDATE**Elijah Dukes goes batshit crazy**END UPDATE** Courtesy of The Big Lead

Hillary and Barack don’t care about Hip Hop. Courtesy of Dallas Penn

Here’s what Lakers management and David Stern are thinking. Courtesy of The Starting Five

Nothing good happens on a date to the strip club. Courtesy of Leave The Man Alone

Would you do…Serena Williams? Courtesy of The Big Picture

What the hell is Chris Cooley wearing? Courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant

Why are rap sales falling? Courtesy of Oh Word

A 70’s tv/today’s NBA mash-up. Courtesy of With Malice


6 Responses to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. Two-Times said

    what’s good homie..

  2. HG said

    2x what up my man?

  3. I Fux said

    Yo HG you hear about the new Kobe tape……damn this dude is staying in the news

  4. I Fux said

    Yo Elijah Dukes is a fucking beast, I love watching Tampa ball they got some speed and actual blacks on the squad. They probably got the most black position playas in the majors, that in and of itself is reason to root for them. I am going to go buy a Tampa Bay hat and fucking represent on GP!

  5. Two-Times said

    You think Kobe gonna end up getting traded?

    I beginning to think it might happen, because the Lakers are’t making enough moves to put more talent around Kobe…

  6. HG said

    @fux i posted the kobe vid clip yesterday here and of course he stays in the news that’s why he’s the FunCrusher

    @2x i didn’t think there would be any way the Lakers would screw up twice but Kobe’s pushin the line kinda hard. ESPN’s ric bucher is reporting that kobe has played his last game as a laker..the saga continues

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