Posted by HG on June 18, 2007


How much longer do we have to go through this. I mean we, the people, the sports fans. Even the casual sports fan is tired of it. Lakers management and Kobe Bryant, if you two love each other as much as you say you do, work it out. If the love is gone you have to end it, and you have to set the public free.

Where are you two going with this? Look, we haven’t wanted to say anything because it’s none of our business, but you’re making it our business, so just break up. End it. Walk away from each other. You had some good times but all of this back and forth is wearing everybody down.

Lakers, we know that Kobe can be whiny and difficult to work with. You’re probably right when you say Kobe would never be happy. Kobe, we hear you when you say the Lakers make promises that they never keep. You’ve asked them to make some simple changes from your standpoint but they won’t do it.

You two are at a stalemate, and a fork in the road. Is this a spat or are you for real? Either way, make up your minds and move on. We’re tired of watching you two argue. We’re tired of listening to both Kobe’s side of the story. Hug, cry, say goodbye to one another, make it official, and then never look back. We’ll all be better for it.

**YBB UPDATE** I found this website,, last night but now it looks a little different. Most noticeably, they didn’t have the video clip on there, and I’m pretty sure it said something like “special thanks to Matt and Petros of AM570” instead of “special thanks to AM570” but whatever.  **END UPDATE**

Here’s a snippet of the clip of Kobe going off on the Lakers:

Marcel Mutoni and crew at AOL’s FanHouse had this video up before me and give their opinions here. Marcel’s going with “clinical insanity”.




  1. withmalice said

    I don’t see him going anywhere. This is probably just an underhanded way of shaking up the front office…
    Just more drama in LA LA Land – what else is new?

  2. Eboni said

    I’d be shocked if Kobe bounced from the Lake show. I think he likes to talk, and put up stupid little statements on his web site so he can make the 12 o’clock news, but at the end of the day I highly doubt that the Kobester is uprooting his family and leaving Los Angeles. He claims he wants to win, and he doesn’t feel the Lakers are giving him the opportunity, but in the same breath he’ll talk about how he wants to be a Laker for life! I don’t get it! I liken him to the chick that keeps complaining about how weak her man is, but won’t ever leave. After a while, you don’t wanna hear what the broad has to say anymore. Same with Kobe. I say, shut up and suit up for next year…and for Christ’s sakes – stop bitching already!

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