Posted by HG on June 15, 2007

I don’t own a Nintendo Wii and I thank God for it.. I would hate for there to be video of me doing this shit.. 

She seems like she’s having a good time and getting in a little workout, but all that jumping around is too much for me. Call me old fashion but I like to sit on the couch to play my video games.

Thanks to Wii anybody can live like the rich and famous. You know.. getting drunk, playing tennis, and screaming incoherently. All the fun stuff regular folk could only dream about until now.

The dude that threw this video up on YouTube claims this is his SOBER roommate. Even if I wasn’t drunk, I would lie to people and say I was if that was me in the video. If you’re given the choice of being a drunk Wii playing fool or a spazz it’s easier to blame alcohol.

 Check these links for more drunken or hyper Wii players.


One Response to “Wii BE ILLIN’”

  1. Ash said

    Try pitting 3 little girls [ages 4-12] against their mother, who has had real bowling lessons…

    I should really record them next time.. Mom gets so upset when the 4 year old wins..

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