Posted by HG on June 15, 2007


The Spurs rolled to their 4th championship in 9 years a little easier than I thought they would. I thought Cleveland had the chance to win at least one game in the series, I predicted two, but San Antonio was too much. The Spurs are a well oiled playoff machine. Even when they don’t win the title they’re in the mix. The Cavaliers are a franchise with a Superstar and a subpar supporting cast. They could be title contenders for years to come but they’re gonna have to shake up the roster.

The Spurs deserve their congratulations.. Tony Parker earned the Finals MVP award. Parker’s penetration, steady jumper, and clutch shots made him the hands down winner. Robert Horry picked up his 7th ring. That’s nuts. Guys are happy to play 7 seasons, Horry has 7 RINGS. Barkley, Stockton, Malone, KG, and Elgin Baylor 0 rings between ’em. Robert Horry 7. Wow.

Props to the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA Champions.

Spurs/Cavs Game 4 recap. Courtesy of



3 Responses to “BACK, IT’S THE INEVITABLE”

  1. D3 said

    Tony Parker looks like “Brain” from “Pinky and the Brain” in that pic…not a good look (pause)Goofy bastard. I can’t believe they are putting him and HOF in the same sentence. Maybe 10 more solid years. At least.

  2. withmalice said

    Dunno D3…
    “Gee, Brain. What are we going to do tonight?”
    “The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.”
    Seems to me that the Spurs are well on the way…

  3. D3 said

    True that. Spurs are the Patriots of the NBA (except no back to back) and Duncan/Pop are sure fire HOF’s.

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