Posted by HG on June 13, 2007

Remember when these “Trophy Love” commercials were all the rage? The thing that always bothered me is that the name of the NBA trophy is the “Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy”… It seemed weird to me that all of those cats were in love with someone named Larry. Anyways…

The San Antonio Spurs are on the verge of capturing their 4th LOCT, and LeBron James is about to have a long summer. In a game that was viewed by many as Cleveland’s best chance to take one from San Antonio, both teams put the scoring on hold and locked down on coughcough defense. Tim Duncan played only 33 minutes and Cleveland still couldn’t capitalize meaning my predicition of Spurs in 6 is gonna need a miracle in order to see the light of day.

Here’s a few other things I was wrong about:

  1. “Tim Duncan is the Finals MVP”. I’m not completely wrong on this but Parker is probably the leader for the award right now. If the Spurs wrap up the series in game 4 and TD has a big game, Duncan could still be the MVP.
  2. “Cleveland wins their first game at home”. It was all there for the Cavs to take but they couldn’t hit an open shot to save their lives… Or their series. Tim Duncan had the foul trouble that I thought he would, but Cleveland’s scoring trouble was the bigger factor.
  3. “We are all entertained”. The ratings suggest that very few of us are entertained but let’s not rush to make this an NBA issue. People just aren’t watching sports the same anymore. You can look at the World Series declining ratings here or flashback to 2006 when game 1 of the World Series flopped. Everyday can’t be Superbowl Sunday.

As for LeBron handing off to Anderson down the stretch of game 3, I honestly believe he expected to get the ball back. Unfortunately for LBJ, Floppy Jao took matters in to his own hands and frankly, he’s gotta make that basket… And LeBron was fouled by Bruce Bowen at the end of the game. There’s no question about it. The continuation call could have gone either way but James should have gone to the line for at least two free throws.

The biggest thing I’m taking away from this series is that if Cleveland’s front office can get LeBron a Scottie Pippen, the Cavs will rule the East for years. All of the players on the Cavalier roster are role players. There’s no Scottie Pippen, there’s no Dennis Rodman. There’s nobody else on the roster that the other team has to truly worry about. Michael Jordan was surrounded by the right mix of players to highlight his talents. Danny Ferry and company need to do the same for LeBron.

Cavaliers And Spurs Final(ly)



  1. The-XFacta said

    You were totally wrong!!! I knew this would be a sweep, the Cavs just don’t have enough firepower to score on San Antonio

  2. It’s a real shame to see how embarassing this series is. Varejo’s scoop was one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long long time. Pistons would have made a better series out of it. Regardless though, Spurs are just too tough.

  3. LeBron is an awesome player, but he is only at the dominating level at times. Parker should be finals MVP, he has dominated.

  4. Russ T.C. said

    I can’t even watch my Cavs play anymore. I stopped watching at halftime when they blew an 8 point lead as they rested James on the bench. If they have no intention of at least making an effort out of winning, what’s the point of continuing to watch them?

    Maybe I’ll DVR Game 4 and watch it later if they win.

    And yes, ratings have been terrible this year. Through three games, the finals are down by 27% among households, 29% among viewers and 33% among adults 18-49.

    This year’s game 3 is based on the fast nationals, numbers will likely change when the finals are released (they’ll likely go up slightly).

  5. Born Wisdom said

    It takes a man to admit he was wrong.

    Either that or a blogger who makes a lot of bad predictions. I mean, c’mon. Who really thought the Cavs even had a chance? I can’t imagine anyone thinking of putting even $10 (to win $40) on the Cavs to win the series.

  6. WithMalice said

    It’s not necessarily GOING TO BE a sweep… but it does look ominous, huh?
    And don’t worry – I think more than a few people got on the Cav-wagon post their part in the Demise of Detroit.

  7. Sportsattitude said

    Who would have thought the Spurs-Cavs series would be harder to watch than a Spurs-Pistons series? Most of the sportswriters I read prior to the Finals were praying they did not have to cover another San Antonio-Detroit matchup like a couple years back, which featured some truly ugly basketball. However, I do believe Cleveland and San Antonio have managed to carve out a new low in basketball lore. Game 3 was just brutal. Cavs firing up three-pointers at will, missing just about all of them…and the Spurs were unable to do put the game away earlier and could come up with nothing but committing a foul at the end of the game just to escape with a win. And the refs didn’t even call the foul because they wanted to put the crowd and audience out of its collective misery. The Pistons would have made a much better series of it in terms of wins and losses, though it would have been no more entertaining to watch. At least with LeBron there is some “drama” wondering if and when he will take over the court and shove his teammates to the side. The “team player” concept should have been dumped starting in Game 1. The only chance the Cavs had was to let LeBron fire away.

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