Posted by HG on June 12, 2007


I admire what Stephon Marbury is doing with his $15 dollar shoes. People talk about “keepin it real”, that’s keepin it really real. Some of the on the court criticism of Steph is of his own creating, but I think he takes a lot flack just for being Stephon Marbury. When I think of Starbury, I think of Georgia Tech, what could have been with a Marbury/Garnett combo, and New York City.. The one thing I don’t think of is parenting advice. 

A potato in the bed with a sick kid? String on the head for hiccups? I hate getting the hiccups.. I wonder if the string thing works for grown folk?.? Anyways… I found a list of some more Marbury medical tips for parents.

  1. An empty glass next to the bed stops bed wetting.
  2. “Hair of the neck of Gooden” is wonderful for pink eye.
  3. Driving a child around in a Bentley clears up Chicken Pox.
  4. Scoring 30 against the Bucks helps in the fight against childhood obesisty.
  5. Playing X-Box reduces swelling.

Steph caught up with Randy Moss 3 days before Moss was moved to New England. Think that had anything to do with Randy saying Tom Brady is the quarterback he most wanted to play with? Naaahh..

I have never seen Marbury’s show  even though it was first brought to my attention (The Stephen A. diss) a few months ago by True Sports Fans via Deadspin.



  1. Two-Times said

    Marbury should go punk Stephen A. Smith… that dude’s a lame…

  2. houstonrealestate said

    he should get props for being a business-man… from what i can see, real soon he will be selling like Kobe. I see people with the kicks on all the time, I mean $15 bucks come on….

    i know of a local kids b-ball league where all the kids where them….

  3. Cliff said

    Seen the Stars on Stars show a couple of times. Steph can’t interview for balls, but if you watch you’ll see that his guests open up for him much more than they ever do for sports journalists, so it’s pretty good.

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  5. UM said

    I don’t have a clue who Stephon Marbury is but I’m so glad that he has $15 dollar shoes and is proud of them. Rare breed!

  6. twych said

    I love the shoe idea……

    I watched a special on dateline, it was really a great, he’s a standup guy.

  7. Sofia said

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    This is an otherone such as good/ sincerely sofia

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  9. […] Stephon Marbury’s Fatherly Advice (You Been Blinded) […]

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