Posted by HG on June 12, 2007

Genarlow Wilson’s case hit Dwil deep. Courtesy of The Starting Five

The Buss Family saying good bye to Kobe. Courtesy of Marcel Mutoni at AOL Fanhouse

Larry Merchant to split ringside duties with Max Kellerman. Courtesy of Max Boxing

A good piece on the skater Stevie Williams. Courtesy of Stoop Talk

Nice ass or fat? Bol weighs in.. Courtesy of XXL

The Shaq helping kids slim down hypocrisy. Courtesy of The Serious Tip

Straight men and gay women agree on one thing. Courtesy of Too Sense

You never wanna celebrate too early. Courtesy of Josh Q. Public

Murder was not the case. Courtesy of With Leather

The U.S. Government thought about a “Gay Bomb”?  Courtesy of Barstool Sports


One Response to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. cuzoogle said

    Cant wait to see the Shaq show. I only wish it was Barkley doing it with him.

    Love the blog BTW.

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