Posted by HG on June 11, 2007

According to information provided by the Oregonian’s Jason Quick and my assumptive deduction, 2 players from the Garnett, Iverson, and Kobe trio were recently offered to Portland in exchange for the #1 pick. You can listen to Jason drop the hint here or just check out this quick excerpt:

“I know that two Western Conference teams have offered their superstars in return for the number one pick… And they are Hall of Famers and the Blazers have turned them down on both.”

There you have it. So how did I end up with Kobe, KG, and AI representing the players on the block? Walk with me.

NO CONSIDERATION: Portland and Seattle obviously. New Orleans, Memphis, Utah, Golden State, and Sacramento all have zero Hall of Famers on their rosters at this moment.

NOT YET: Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, and the L.A. Clippers all have players that are close or should play their way into the Hall of Fame. Dirk Nowitzki should be in one day, Tracy McGrady needs a few more solid years and he has to do some damage in the playoffs, Yao Ming could get in one day if he continues to improve, and Elton Brand has a legitimate chance if he continues on his current pace. I don’t have Steve Nash from Phoenix in the Hall of Fame yet. I know Steve has the two MVPs but his career numbers 14pts, 7.6ast, and 2.9rbds, are still lower than Stephon Marbury’s 19.9pts, 7.9ast, and 3.0rbds, even with Nash’s incredible 3 season stretch.

NOW WE’RE TALKING: San Antonio, Denver, Minnesota, and the L.A.L are the only teams in the Western Conference that have Hall of Fame locks on their rosters right now. Let’s go ahead and assume that the Spurs aren’t dealing Duncan. That’s a safe bet right? Well, that leaves Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant as the only players that could have been offered to Portland.

So who were the two players? I could see Minnesota making that offer. They would set Garnett free and start over with a major chip in their pocket. The T-Wolves would have been looking at a young nucleus of Oden/Durant, Randy Foye, and Rashad McCants (depending on what you think of McCants’ game). The Nuggets would presumably move Iverson out, bring in Durant/Oden and piece either one of them together with Melo, Camby, J.R. Smith, and hold on to Steve Blake. What about the Lakers offering Kobe? I can’t see Portland turning down a trade offer that includes Kobe Bean Bryant unless they are so turned off by his off the court problems, and so wary of his emotions that they wouldn’t want the best player in the league on their roster. Plus, the Lakers would become a non-factor for a couple of years while their young roster developed. I can’t see the La-La land management doing that.

That means (to me) that Minnesota tried to trade K.G. and the Nuggets tried to trade Allen Iverson for Portland’s number one. I guess the Blazers figured why trade for aging superstars with a ton of mileage when they have the chance to draft a player that they could have for the next 15 years. Portland was right on with this decision. They’re not an A.I. or Garnett away from the championship so there’s no need to bite at the lure of a big name.

I originally peeped this story over at Henry Abbott’s True Hoop. It’s the ninth link down. Courtesy of ESPN and True Hoop

You can read the paraphrased version of Casey Holdahl’s interview with Jason Quick here, or you can listen to the entire interview here.

This is the snippet of Jason Quick on the two Western Conference teams offering Hall of Famers for the #1 pick.




  1. withmalice said

    Wow… nice logical conclusion there.

  2. The-XFacta said

    Don’t believe the hype! There’s no way that these trades would work with the salary cap being what it is…. Plus you’d be a complete fool, if you think the Lakers would trade Oden for Kobe! Not to mention they already have an Oden in Andrew Bynum…

    Oh Yeah go Knicks… We WILL make the playoffs next year

  3. withmalice said


    I don’t think that was asserted in the article…

  4. withmalice said

    Doh… “Plus you’d be a complete fool, if you think the Lakers would trade Oden for Kobe!” – I don’t think THAT was asserted.

  5. HG said

    I believe I clearly said “Plus, the Lakers would become a non-factor for a couple of years while their young roster developed. I can’t see the La-La land management doing that.” at the end of the biggest paragraph.

  6. Ed Jucker said

    Nowitzki instead of Iverson. Iverson could only get the Sixers Andre Miller and some other stuff that fell off a truck. For the purposes of a Portland beat writer, Nowitzki is a HOF lock.

  7. Steve Wolf said

    X-Factor, did you seriously just compare Andrew Bynum with Greg Oden? Seriously? That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all month. You’re trying to compare boy-child Bynum who may be good, but NOT EVEN CLOSE to a franchise player vs man-beast Oden, who has the chance to be Bill Russell. Come on man, get your head out of you A**. Andrew Bynum??? Really???

  8. I wouldn’t have ruled the Spurs out so quickly. I remember hearing another rumor that they had actually offered Duncan.

    The Spurs are a smart organization and realize Duncan is reaching the latter stages of his career (although he is still performing at a very high level) and how big men have changed the course of the franchise in the last 20 years. They have a young, verging on stardom PG in Tony Parker and give him 5-7 years with Oden and you could do some serious damage, with Oden still having 5-7 more years left on him after Parker goes downhill. That puts the team way past its current shelf life.

    I’m not saying it’s true but I just wouldn’t have ruled the Spurs out because it is possible.

  9. CreditZard said

    draftexpress’s podcast #2 said they had sources saying that it was carmelo being offered and not iverson.

  10. vic mackey said

    Yeah, I heard Melo as well. And he makes more sense from the Blazers point of view since they are in need of a SF. I’m sure the Blazers wouldn’t even consider Iverson for a second. A 32 year 2-guard for the #1 pick, I doubt the Nugs even broached the subject.

  11. Vonny said

    While I don’t think they are trying to trade for the number one pick i do feel that seattle has a potential HOF in Ray Allen

  12. The TrailBlazers better keep the pick. They have a chance to build a dominating very young team that can grow together.

  13. abarclay12 said

    I’m willing to trade Kobe for a lifetime supply of BigMacs and anyone else decent.

  14. Wil said

    That would be cool, but I don’t think that any one of these teams would risk losing their star players to anohter Western Conference Opponent, just to obtain the # 1 pick in the draft. That does not make since and who knows if the #1 pick will live up to his potential

  15. Orlick said

    Id agree with the players, but for different reasons. First of all, Nash has got to be a HoF player. stats don’t matter. hes one of the greatest players in the game. But I don’t think they’d take the chance and trade him – phoenix would self destruct. KG has been on the block forever, and its very likely kobe is there too. KG is too old though. maybe good for kobe bryant. He has had his days in court, so he would fit in with the blazers nicely.

  16. Randomness said

    Mark my words. Yao Ming will be in the Hall of Fame one day.

    How could he not? He’s like 14ft. tall!

  17. Oz said

    Wouldn’t the lakers be trading kobe for Oden? Just checking. I mean, I think they have kobe right now, so how could they trade Oden for kobe?

  18. Say Hey said

    Agreed on the Yao point.

    I could definitely see the Rockets trying to dangle Yao. They’ve got to be wondering if they’ve taken the TMac/Yao thing as far as they can.

  19. thaheed said

    I honestly don’t see Portland accepting any of these superstar trades, and why would they? You do NOT build a championship team from trades, specifically trades involving players of who have unlimited potential(Greg Oden).

    If Portland wants to be a championship contending team they should keep Oden, deal Randolph, and continue to make smart moves in the off season (No more Darius Miles or Joel Przybilla signings).

  20. arsenalist said

    I don’t think the Nuggets would dare to offer Iverson for the #1 pick just because of how ridiculous that sounds. What makes you think they didn’t offer Carmelo? That makes a lot more sense to me.

  21. Carmelo instead of Iverson? The future of the franchise vs. an aging guard? I don’t think so man. The only sense it makes to trade a superstar for a #1 is if the guy is in the final year of his contract and plans to opt out.

  22. redeagle21 said


  23. […] KEVIN GARNETT, ALLEN IVERSON, OR KOBE OFFERED FOR #1 PICK? [image] According to information provided by the Oregonian’s Jason Quick and my assumptive deduction, 2 players […] […]

  24. cuzoogle said

    I would not make that deal if it was straight up.

    A lot to put on the line if Oden does not pan out.

    Plus Kobe ain’t going to POrtland

  25. Absolutely NO WAY Kobe was offered for the 1st pick. It woulda probably been #1 pick, Randolph, Jack and extras for Kobe + crap. That’s the only way it coulda went down.

  26. Elvi Patterson! said

    how about agent zero for the #1 pick?

  27. Colatina said

    Anyone with 2 MVPs is a Hall of Famer, period. If you fell out of the sky, won two MVPs on a great team, then died, you’d have a good shot at being hall of fame. Nash is a Hall of Famer. I doubt he was offered for Oden, though.

    I bet the trade offers were AI and somebody else who really isn’t a future hall of famer yet, like Elton Brand. Maybe Garnett.

    Why is Seattle out? Maybe they tried to trade Ray Allen and somebody else for the #1 pick. They know that they’re not getting Oden at #2.

  28. WithMalice said

    Firstly… there are some folks really need to look at the article a second time…

    I agree with the assertions on Iverson. He was available not so long ago, and not many teams bit.
    Yao for Oden? Why trade the current best center in the game for a potential? Sure, awesome potential, but still just that. Yao just needs better stuff around him (T-Mac?= Kobe-lite!).

    Still… Portland would be foolish to trade this pick. I bet any trade talks have come from others, not the Blazers. Oden’s not quite a Lebron-surety, but he’s close.

  29. sloppyjoe72 said

    From the speculation I’ve heard, the only superstar that Portland would even consider trading the first pick for would be LBJ. Even then I doubt they’d do it.

    Portland ain’t trading this pick. No way, no how.

    With LaMarcus Aldridge and Oden on the frontline, with BRoy in the back court the Blazers are going to be contenders. There’s a lot of trade rumors around Portland trading for another lottery pick. Portland could end up shaking things up like they did last year.

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  32. charles said

    Well..i dont think so,,ga mungkin dari mereka semua ada yang bakal ngambil #1 pick tahun ini,,dipikir2 tahun ini poin dari allen iverson ama kevin garnett jatuh banget ga kayak tahun2 sbelumnya,,karena allen iverson harus berbagi pointya dengan carmelo anthony d”raising stars,,sedankan di minesotta timberwolves kevin garnett harus bebagi pointnya dengan Ricky Davis,dan juga Sprewell,,ksHan baget,,Kobe juga tahun ini mainnya ga terlelu bagus,,setelah timnya ga masuk babak playoff,,jadi gwe ada overall baru antara Lebron James,,Jason Kidd,,Ricky Davis,,T-Mac,,well,thats what i think for now,,please open ma blog at,,see u aLL,,bubye =)

  33. Ali said

    You know what, none of this matters, because I’m really saddened by the state of the NBA right now, example the ’07 Finals. The Spurs are just too boring to watch, I like Parker and Ginobli’s style, I like the way the Suns and Nuggets play, I thought Kobe and LeBron were the future, but they’ve both shown they’re scrubs. It’s just sad to know that if you didn’t see Jordan play, you might never seen greatness again. Jordan is the G.O.A.T. end of discussion, all these wanabees can take a distant 2nd.

  34. nickwill said

    How about the Celts No. 5 pick, Gerald Green and Al Jefferson to Minny for KG? Good trade for both sides I think. I’m going to write a Celtics/NBA trade scenerio post in my new sports blog. Check it out:


  35. […] have offered Portland a future Hall of Famer in exchange for the first overall pick in the draft. You Been Blinded is onto something in suggesting the unnamed players were Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson. I’m not so sure about […]

  36. Sean Hewlett said

    Portland should just take their phone off the hook until after draft day. After they land Oden, they’ll have an incredible core of young players that only needs a veteran leader with a little playoff experience to get right in the running for the championship. With guys like Jerry Stackhouse, Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, Mike Bibby, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis available in free agency this year, it wouldn’t be long at all until they were real contenders if they could just bring one of them to town. Dump Randolph and there should be enough money to land almost any one guy off this list.

  37. Not arguing with your deductions one bit, but it would be rather silly, in my opinion, to trade a franchise player for Greg Oden. He will likely be great someday, but after one good college season is that risk worth selling the farm for? From the Blazers’ perspective, I say milk this draft pick for all it’s worth. Get Kevin Garnett AND Randy Foye. Again, Oden will probably be awesome, but in this case, two birds in hand is worth one in the bush.

  38. dikembe said

    i bet cuban offered dirk. he kinda lost his trust in the guy

  39. […] Or maybe the real fun lies in trying to figure out who successfully was offered to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for their #1 pick. You Been Blinded deduces that the Nuggets offered AI and the Wolves were trying to ship Garnett. […]

  40. John said

    The #1 pick for Kobe Bryant? Please. I’d keep the pick.

  41. steve said

    You can’t see the blazers turning down a Kobe for #1 pick trade? That’s funny. Kevin Pritchard is on record as saying the pick won’t be traded for anything not involving LeBron James, and after the finals, That probably isn’t a possibility either. Kobe is an old 30. By the time our young guys are ready for a title run, he will close to the end. Not only that, we would never give LA a 19 year old dominate center. LA would probably do the trade in heartbeat. And to they guy who suggested KG and Foyle for the #1, That’s even funnier. Get use to the idea of Oden in Portland folks. Get use to getting dominated sometime soon.

  42. Joe Blazer said

    I figured Iverson was one of them. If the Nuggets then took Oden, they could trade Camby, whose name has already come up in trade rumors and apparently has some other teams interested in him.

    Of course one problem is that all these HOFers have big contracts, so it couldn’t be a straight up deal. Unless Portland could throw in LaFrentz they’d have to include Randolph, which would make it an even worse deal for them.

    And talking about players with mileage, don’t overlook Kobe. With all the playoff games he’s been in he’s probably approaching KG and AI territory.

  43. Marcus said

    I think a lot of people are missing the point…and that is that why would anyone give up a future HOF in there prime for an unproven draft pick? Kobe and Garnette are on the trading block now, I know this, but I honastly don’t think that Allen Iverson was one of the names given. Think about it, why would Denver give up AI, someone they had been trying so desperatly to get in the past and is a crucial part of their teams success? He’s about as untouchable as Melo is on that team right now. Denver has invested too much into him to turn around and trade him. So your assessment with A.I makes no sense. I see some people said they heard Melos name brought up, why would Denver trade the future of their organization?

    Denver has a very promising team for next season, why would they mess that up? AI plays the most minutes in the league and on that team, he’s too valuble to that team right now. I understand people are in the business on picking and hating on AI and Kobe for some reason, but let’s be realistic for a moment. They are only 30 and 32 years old and you people act like they’re 50! When you draft someone you don’t know if they are going to be the next A.I, K.G or Kobe, you just hope. I’m sure the Wizards thought they had a franchise player in Kwame Brown when they drafted him 1st, and look what happened. You don’t trade unproven players for HOF players, period. There will be All Stars, there will be Superstars and there will be HOF legends, these guys are what most players want to be…LEGENDS. Show some respect. They have done more for their teams then anyone could ever hope for (especially AI and KG). They are known around the world. Allen Iversons numbers get better every year, so i’m still trying to figure out the whole ageing/miliage thing? Please, sounds like a lot of hating going on in here is all i’m saying.

    And everyone that keeps bringing up age, Steve Nash is OLDER then AI, so he has just as much “miliage”, just thought you should know, considering that everyone tends to jump on and off bandwagons when it comes to these athletes. I don’t beleive this rumor one bit.

  44. Joe Blazer said

    I don’t think Bibby will be available. He could opt out, but no team is going to offer him as much as what he’s making now.

  45. bigbailes said

    you guys actually think it would take the #1 pick, jack, randolph and crap to get Kobe from the Lakers??? Pull your heads out of your aces and realize what Kobe is worth. If the lakers trade him they will be lucky to get 70 cents on the dollar for him. He’s done nothing since Shaq left and now he is being a malcontent on a bad team. If LA could get rid of him they would but who would pay the crazy ticket prices they charge for a team built around Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odem.

    Portland is NOT going to trade the pick. They will take Oden, and in five years they will win a championship. A front line of Aldridge and Oden is going to be SICK.

  46. palestinmiami said

    I think that you may be taking the article too literally. I could see him taking a more liberal view of Hall of Famer.

    For example I could see a player who is very good and could be considered a future hall of famer in Amare Stoudemire. I mean he’s only 23 and he has already averaging a career 19 pts and 9 rbs. Also I think it would have made sense for Phoenix to make that offer as they are apparently open to the idea of shopping him around.

    With this same liberal interpretation of HOFer I could see Pau Gasol and Carmelo Anthony and even Shawn Marion being offered up.

    For the record there is NO way that Elton Brand makes the hall before Steve Nash

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