Posted by HG on June 7, 2007

Tonight’s the night that it goes down. Two legacies are in the making. LeBron will become the legitimate face of the league or the Spurs will reach official dynasty status. Gone are the Kobe Bryant trade demands (maybe), no more “the Suns got screwed” (hopefully), and hasta la vista to Flip Saunders (wishfully). It’s time for the NBA Finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers: I didn’t give them a shot against the Pistons until about 12 points in to LBJ’s final 25 points of game 5. Even when I saw the Cavs outplaying the Pistons earlier in the series, something wouldn’t let me change my mind about Detroit advancing to the Finals. That something is stupidity. Sometimes you have to face the facts and in this case the fact was: Cleveland was the better team. I didn’t believe that going in to the series.. I mean, who couldn’t beat a wounded Wizards team and then Jason Kidd and the Heartless? It was hard for me to fathom that the Cavaliers poor shooting, insufficient role players, and questionable coaching would be able to take down the battle tested, finals focused Detroit Pistons. I was wrong.

The San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs were my true pick to make it to the NBA Finals, but I tried this little experiment at the beginning of the playoffs so I had to ride with the Rockets. You can take a look at my brackets over at BallHype (who has some nice t-shirts btw) and see that I had the Spurs over the Suns. The Spurs have been the best team in the league since the All-Star break, but everybody was caught up in Phoenix and Dallas. It didn’t matter to me that Amare and Diaw got suspended during the Spurs/Suns series.. What I mean by that is the Spurs were gonna beat Phoenix if it went 6 or 7. They were better. The San Antonio/Utah series was a sparring match. SA wanted to get some good work in and then take a rest before matching up with the Eastern Conference… Have you noticed that I made it this far without mentioning Tim Duncan? That’s how it is for the Spurs.. Not a lot of hype, but great execution and the ability to match styles with any team. Wanna slow it down and play half court ball? San Antonio will run everything through TD and slowly dissect you. Wanna speed up the tempo? Parker and Ginobili will run wild on you while the 3 point bombers camp behind the line for a kick out. Pick your poison.


If you don’t want to know how the NBA Finals end then stop reading now. For those of you brave enough to stick with me, here it is. The San Antonio Spurs win the championship. It goes 6 games, with San Antonio winning games 1,2,4, and 6. Cleveland wins their first game at home and their last game at home. Tim Duncan is the Finals MVP, but Parker and Ginobili have their moments. Robert Horry hits a big shot down the stretch in one of the games, but I don’t want to give away which one. Cleveland wins game 3 because Tim Duncan is saddled with foul trouble, and they win game 5 because LeBron goes nuts. The Spurs celebrate and the Cavaliers learn a valuable lesson and we are all entertained.

For a really good listen check out The Finals Preview Podcast. Courtesy of The Basketball Jones


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