Posted by HG on June 7, 2007

The Ladies… got the Ebays goin’ nuts with their brackets. Courtesy of Ladies Dot Dot Dot

50Cent, Kelly Rowland, LeBron, and Tom Brady. Courtesy of Leave The Man Alone

Roger Clemens is finally gonna pitch for the Yankess..Seriously. Courtesy of Babes Love Baseball

Flicks of Steve Harvey and his future wife, Meagan Good, Dave Chappelle, and Kim Kardashian. Courtesy of Concrete Loop

Should Boris Diaw be worried? Courtesy of Miss Gossip via The Hype Guy

Your Rasheed Wallace fix is filled. Courtesy of Need 4 Sheed

Some low life scum rob Marquis Hill’s mother’s house…While she was at his funeral. Courtesy of Michael David Smith at AOL Fanhouse

Some of musics greatest screams. James Brown and Busta made the list. Courtesy of USA Today’s Pop Candy

Stop Spittin’ t-shirts. Courtesy of Chesing The Cool

MC Hammer has a blog.. And some dudes jockin’ him. Courtesy of MC Hammer Blog


4 Responses to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. Sooze said

    What was left for MC Hammer to do besides get his own blog? It was inevitable.

    Thanks for the shoutouts – your blog is quality stuff. 🙂

  2. HG said

    no doubt sooze..babes love baseball and i love babes.. keep america strong..go vote for me

  3. Two-Times said

    You got air out King James on his performance… Smh @ everyone thinking he was better than Kobe, cause he had that one game & getting the Cavs to the finals…

  4. HG said

    4-16..damn.. it’s only one game so i won’t say much yet.. but what, he’s 7-27 or something like that his last two games? LBJ has to get goin but they gotta figure out how to keep parker out of the lane too.

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