Posted by HG on June 6, 2007


LeBron James isn’t joining the long list of athletes that thought their ballin’ prowess meant they could rhyme… At least not yet.. And I hope never because 99% of the time the athlete sets Hip Hop back 3-5 years. It’s been covered before here at YBB (E-Dubbs, what up bruh?) when Desmond Mason did a decent job of spittin but it has to be said again.. Athletes, just play ball and rappers, just make music. Please.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.. The folks over at Sprite had a contest to make a LeBron James theme song.. Like that cat needed anything else.. And they got Paul Wall and Al Fatz to drop a bar or two on it. You can listen to the track here. I believe that’s Al Fatz rapping in LeBron persona, not actually LeBron rapping. Thank you Jeeezus.

That song (^^) is 100% better than this song/video which was given to me by the fella Icon from around the way at

Shout out to Eskay of NahRight, the Osiris of this ish, for getting me the track.

Sprite’s LeBron James Theme song.

Ballers Rap, Rappers Ball. Courtesy of You Been Blinded

Hip Hop And It’s NBA Counterparts. Courtesy of You Been Blinded



2 Responses to “LEBRON JAMES RAP SONG”

  1. Great musical comments and analysis. Our analysis approaches this from a monetary perspective. Let us know your thoughts! Thanks.

    The accelerated growth curve of LeBron is amazing.

    It’s going to be an amazing NBA Championship and next couple of years for him.

    LeBron James: Witness a (future) Billionaire

  2. HG said

    ^^nice article..drop by anytime

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