Posted by HG on June 5, 2007


The on again off again fling that is “Kush” is back on for the moment. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. If a picture can say a thousand words, then this collage is screaming something about 10,000 jimhats. I’m not saying Kim Kardashian gets around but, well, wait..Yes I am.

Props to the homeboy IFux for putting me on to this via A Hot Mess. The A Hot Mess link should be clicked for the Indian Michael Jackson Thriller video alone.




  1. Two-Times said

    I see the LAME hit it too… I guess some hoes like dudes with butterflys on there face…

  2. I Fux said

    Yo who is the dude in white is that Diddy? and smh at Bubbles

  3. I Fux said

    Yo HG I ran into Reggie’s step pops at the gas station on sunday he was sitting pretty on a H2 with 26’s and I was like Reggie and he was like wassup, dude used to be security at my high school growing up. I was like nice truck and he was like you to, no homo for the story. smh at myself calling him Reggie

  4. HG said

    yeah i thought that was diddy in the pic and i said the same thing..bubbles? for real? she coulda at least got with bowdie..fux, are you stalkin celebs?

  5. I Fux said

    Nah HG never that, I have been amazed as of late at the people I just see on a whim especially here in Diego ……..YO HG I got this clip on my MacPro from Hawaii and I try to up to YOutube and its says it cant recognize it, do you have any clue how to up a video from a Mac to youtube, it was recorded on the imovie feature

  6. I Fux said

    My girl and a couple of her friends saw Amare over at Stingerie while I was out of town and they took a picture with him, they said he left the club with a blonde meth whore looking type broad.

  7. HG said

    man..i have no idea how to get the clip to youtube..for one, i’m not very techy, the fact that I have a blog amazes people, and 2. i use a pc so youre basically speaking a mixture of spanish and iranian to me.. as far as amare goes, not surprising.. for some more nba fun check out these pics courtesy of

  8. I Fux said

    ohh thanks anyways I will figure it out, I just hate wasting 2 hours on some ish when time is of the essence and I dont have much of a clue where to start. Yo that link is dope

  9. I Fux said

    Yo Sarunas has one hot Jew Chick on his arm

  10. I Fux said

    that nigga Sarunas has beautiful taste in woman, no only if he could be traded to the Suns where his game would fit perfectly in a free flowing type offense

  11. Born Wisdom said

    I Fux,

    You should change your name to, “I Put YBB Readers to Sleep with my Shitty Comments.”

  12. I Fux said

    *Picks up Comment Ball* *leaves court and BW Hanging* *flashes Dueces*

  13. HG said

    damn fellas.. commenter on commenter violence is the best..

  14. Steroids make the man!

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