Posted by HG on June 5, 2007

antoniopierce.jpgIt’s hard to hear NFL player and pit bull in the same sentence and not think of dogfighting. New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce is trying to change that. Antonio Pierce is a pit bull breeder, he even says so at the bottom of his NYG player page, but he says his operation is above board:

“Anybody who fights pit bulls is a punk. It gives my dogs a bad rap. Everybody loves my dogs because they’re good dogs. So of course I’m not pleased with it.”

Antonio chose not to come right out and talk about Michael Vick but he did acknowledge that he’s aware of Vick’s problems. He even added that if the evidence against Michael Vick turns out to be true then the NFL and prosecutors “need to do what they need to do“.

Pierce has sold dogs to teammates and friends but he won’t sell you a dog unless he knows you and he’s positive the pit won’t be used in any illegal activities. Does that mean speeding with the dog in the car? Jaywalking while taking Fido out for a leak? I’m not sure, but it’s good to hear that at least one guy has his head on straight when it comes to dogfighting. I wonder if Pierce knew about Vick’s alleged treatment of dogs before this play:

 It’s gonna be interesting to see what Antonio does for an encore on October 15th when the Giants are in Atlanta for Monday Night Football.

**YBB UPDATE** The news gets worse for Michael Vick. The house where the alleged dogfighting was taking place was robbed some time between May 7th and May 18th. The thief/thieves made off with 3 plasma televisions, two floor buffers, a wet/dry vacuum, an upright washer and dryer, and a leather sofa worth $17,550. It makes you think, if the dogs were still on the property would the house have gotten jacked? **END UPDATE**

Pierce: I’m a responsible dog owner. Courtesy of The Star Ledger

Report: Vick’s Va. home was burglarized last month. Courtesy of Sports Illustrated



  1. Good for Antonio. I hope he puts a little hot sauce on him when he tackles Vick.

  2. Bloof said

    Great post. It’s good to see someone on the good side of pit bulls.

  3. […] Some proof that all NFL players are not into dogfighting. Some of them just like breeding pit bulls for […]

  4. bobcnh said

    There is never a need to breed pit bulls. There are so many unwanted dogs that to do so is irresponsible, regardless of what you do with them afterwards. Vick is a punk. Anyone who treats animal cruelty as amusement is a coward. Put him in the pit with the dog and maybe I’d have more respect for him. This stupidity just encourages the misconception that all pit bulls are vicious killers. Maybe someone should execute Vick when HE loses a game, just as they have done to the losing dogs, although there are no winners, even the dogs that survive are maimed and hurt. It’s obvious that in Vick’s case, you can take the punk out of the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of the punk. Drop dead, Vick.

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