Posted by HG on June 4, 2007

There’s a thin line between talking trash and just being a loudmouth. These guys have mastered the art.

Muhammad Ali is the Godfather of trash talkin. He would predict what round he was gonna knock an opponent out, and write “raps”. He put trash talkin on the map and has yet to be dethroned.

Ric Flair is often the forgotten man in the trash talk game.  His interviews were classic back in the day. In this clip he’s greater than Dale Murphy and Herschel Walker (“for all you black folks out there.”) Whooooooo.

Chad Johnson is the trash talkin champ of the new millenium. He makes lists, signs, and outrageous predictions. He’s the best at being annoying and funny at the same time.

Those are three of the guys I would have on the Rushmore of trash talking.. Who’s the fourth?



5 Responses to “THE ART OF TRASH TALKIN’”

  1. the butler said

    Larry Bird.

  2. Pete Aldin said

    Admire their boxing prowess. Wish they’d never been allowed to speak.

  3. Two-Times said

    4th?… I don’t know really maybe lame Gary Payton….

  4. I Fux said

    Yo Gary Payton once called Steve Francis “Punk Rookie Bitch” when he played his first game against him, on the jist that Steve demanded to be traded from the Grizzlies ……How about Rowdy Rowdy Piper he talked that ish!……. and Francis is a Punk Bitch

  5. HG said

    i’ve been getting emails and what not for gary payton and ray lewis. i would put GP ahead of ray ray.

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