Posted by HG on May 24, 2007

All you ever wanted to know about a woman making love to a Red Sox fan. Courtesy of Ladies Dot Dot Dot

Taking a look at ESPN’s new football blog. Courtesy of The Big Lead

Roger Goodell prefers bitches to women. Courtesy of Leave The Man Alone

Joe Budden says Nas is right..Hip Hop is dead. Courtesy of XXL

Is the end near for Curt Schilling? Courtesy of the WBRS Sports Blog

Retro gear galore… If you’re in NY.¬†Courtesy of Dallas Penn

Paris Hilton played high school hockey? Yeah right.. Courtesy of With Leather

Jim Jones and Cam are cool again? I can’t keep up. Courtesy of SOHH

Let’s all pray that there’s no video of Michael Vick doing this. Courtesy of Awful Announcing

Bill Simmons hasn’t off’d himself yet..Give it a week. Courtesy of

One Response to “BLOGGAS BE TYPIN”

  1. thexfacta said

    Ummmmmmm Go Yankees!

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