Posted by HG on May 20, 2007

Justin Miller, a cornerback and kick returner for the New York Jetsjustin-miller.jpg was arrested early Sunday morning for going Ron Artest accidentally punching a woman during a fight at a New York City nightclub. According to police Miller took a swing at a man, the man ducked, and Miller struck the woman in the face. JM is apparently some sort of bad ass because the 5’10”, 196 pound footballer was taking on 3 guys at the time of misplaced punch. There’s no information on the size of the other 3 men involved in the altercation.

Justin Miller issued the following statement:

I want to apologize to everyone for this situation, including my family, my teammates, the Jets organization, our fans and the entire NFL. I understand that serving in the NFL is an honor and that I have an obligation to behave in a manner that reflects the privilege I have been given.”

The Jets are currently “evaluating the situation” and plan to take the matter to the commissioner’s office. The NYJ’s statement:

“We expect our players to adhere to the highest standards of conduct off the field and take any allegation of personal misconduct very seriously. We are in the process of gathering information, and have notified the commissioner — in light of the NFL’s new conduct policy. Until we’ve had an opportunity to review all the facts we will refrain from further comment.”

It sounds like the Jets are trying to land on the good side of the Commish by taking the matter to him… It sucks for Miller, but it sucks even more for the lady that got punched on accident. If you’re unfamiliar with Justin Miller, check out this video of some of his college highlights:

I couple of things I thought of while watching the video: dude can lay some hat, thank goodness the woman only suffered a laceration on her face and pain and swelling in her knee, AND… How in the hell did the police catch him?

Cops: Jets player arrested for brawl. Courtesy of

Jets’ Miller arrested for allegedly hitting woman at club. Courtesy of




  1. I Fux said

    This dude is a beast but I realized at a young age most of the best football players, where the kids growing up who where the most physical and talented but also had a mean streak……because if you’re soft you are not going to make it or you’re going to switch sports …Football Player= Hardbody, slightly insane, Physical Specimans, N/HOC

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