Posted by HG on May 15, 2007

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been hell bent on cleaning up his league and it’s roger-goodell.jpgimage. The suspensions of Chris Henry and Pacman Jones coupled with the “get your shit together” sit down with Michael Vick have been all over the headlines for weeks. NFL coaches and fans have applauded Rog’s new rules.. but are the rules really in effect?

The code of conduct seems only to apply to players that have screwed up numerous times and are on the general public’s radar. The new league toughness apparently doesn’t apply to future NFL draftees. The New England Patriots drafted known head stomper Brandon Meriweather (and traded for Randy Moss). The Chiefs, Niners, Browns, Bucs, and Bills all drafted questionable character guys (Tank Tyler, Tarell Brown, Eric Wright, Tanard Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch..gulp..respectively). The Green Bay Packers signed two undrafted prospects last week.. One guy got in trouble in college for possession of marijuana and a stolen handgun, the other failed drug tests (marijuana) in Junior College and at Ole Miss.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not some tight ass that wants to see all of these “evil doers” out of the league. I believe in second chances.. Hell, even third or fourth chances depending on the offense. I think it’s wack that Goodell grandstands like he’s “mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore” when it comes to Pacman and Chris Henry, but he’ll pose for pictures on draft day with guys that violate his code.

If you can play, NFL will call. Courtesy of The Herald News

Simpson, Johnson seek redemption in Green Bay. Courtesy of Real Football 365



  1. fantasybowl said

    Whatever the case may be a person cannot go back years on players such as Moss, Wright, or any of the other players you’ve listed. The fact is Pacman Jones is not convicted, Goodell is making a statement, and yes if you can play you should be eligible for a job. There are many other high paying professions where people get in trouble and we never hear mention of it. It doesn’t sound like you’re willing to give people multiple chances, or I misinterpreted.

  2. Steroids, denial and lies is the NFL–and NCAA Div 1a college too.

    Character issues?

    Roger Goodell and Paul tagliabue of the biggest creeps in the business.

    I hope Pacman Jones crashes their BBQs this summer.

  3. John said

    How can you lump Marshawn Lynch with everybody else?

    The only “character” knocks against him are:

    1) He was accused by his ex-girlfriend of sexual assault. BUT a female Alameda County DA, along with the Oakland Police Special Victims Unit, found no evidence a crime occured but did find inconsistencies in the accuser’s statement.

    Lynch was never arrested, nor was he charged.

    2) He was the victim of a drive-by shooting attempt at NOONTIME in front of his high school while visiting his little SISTER before her graduation. Watch the video:

    Now these are the TOTALITY of Lynch’s so-called off-the-field issues. And in my opinion they add up to less than Peyton Manning’s off-the-field problems coming out of college. (If you’ll recall the University of Tennessee had to pay out $300,000 because Manning sexual harrassed a female employee.)

    If Peyton Manning got a chance to play in the NFL, despite his character problems, why not Marshawn Lynch?

  4. HG said

    @1 yes you’re misinterpreting.
    @3’re kinda helping my argument..but your comment is jacking up my post so im gonna have to delete it in a bit..ill give people a chance to see what you said but, look at looks not blaming you, things happen..
    try .. it will help..

  5. Don’t forget Bay Area felony arrests for many doped Oakland Raiders:

    Barrett Robbins (Balco, burglary and police assault)
    Dana Stubblefield (Blaco and spousal abuse)
    Bill Romanowski (Balco and assualt on an eye socket)
    Rod Martin (spousal battery)
    Jack Tatum (Daryl Stingley paralysis)

    They are all on powerful drugs.

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