Posted by HG on May 12, 2007

By now everybody has seen Baron Davis’ rim rattlin dunk over Andrei Kirilenko.. If you missed it click here.. Baron bangin on people isn’t brand new. Baron @ UCLA:

Ok he didn’t dunk on anybody in that video but he did shake that cat outta the gym. This is dunking on somebody:

After college Baron went to Charlotte. The facials followed:

Davis was traded to Golden State in ’05 and continued cramming on his comp:

I hope B.D. continues to stay somewhat healthy so we can have highlights like these for the duration of his prime.



3 Responses to “ODE B.D.”

  1. Jason said

    Great compilation. I remember all the guys at my old neighborhood court were working on that behind-the-back pass-to-yourself for months.

  2. I Fux said

    good collection, a whole collection, of pristine B-Diddy Connections…. Yo the thing is Baron is built like a Linebacker so his dunks have some heat coming behind it!

  3. mizzo said

    Back when he was at UCLA he banged it baseline on Michigan and tore his ACL.

    Sir is so sick that he played the rest of the game and took the Bruins to the Final Four.

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