Posted by HG on May 11, 2007

Just when you think it can’t get any worse better Ron-Ron goes and drops a new video. This isn’t of the rapping, or dog neglecting ilk… Artest is talking about the infamous brawl.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • Detroit is a gangster arena.
  • I definitely shoulda got a pass on that one… you know, when I went in the stands.
  • What Ben did was disrespectful.. If I’da known that the referees would of handled was gonna handle it how they did like as far as not handling the situation at all then I woulda probably fought.
  • The owner of Detroit, he’s a.. he’s a trip.
  • I lay on tables a lot. I lay on my bench in my neighborhood and nobody throws cups of beer and rocks at me.

Ron Artest is classic. I do agree that Ben Wallace got the ball rolling that evening, BUT.. Ron saying he deserves a pass is hilarious. What’s next? Charles Manson saying “the incident” was taken out of context?

If you’re like me.. That sucks.. But it also means you can’t get enough Ron Artest…

If Ron can keep cutting these PSAs he should get a pass on any law he breaks. I can’t have this humor locked up.

Ron Artest sentenced to 20 days in jail. Courtesy of Fox Sports 



  1. Michelle said

    Out of that whole post all I saw was:

    What Ben did was disrespectful.. If I’da known that the referees would of handled was gonna handle it how they did like as far as not handling the situation at all then I woulda probably fought.

    “Would of?” It’s “would have.”

    Sorry but I’m seeing this grammatical error way too often…it’s becoming ridiculous how people insist on trashing the English language

  2. HG said

    michee..not sure if youre referring to me but i was quoting ron.. if your beef is with ron..well, you know how he gets down. tell him at your own risk

  3. AK said

    Wow Michelle. Wow. I think it’s probably a pretty safe bet to say that you’re a pompous cunt.

    So all you heard was “would of” instead of “would have,” and it was just unacceptable to someone of your grammatical caliber? Have you ever heard of the vernacular? You should look that up and add it to your million dollar vocabulary.

    I hope I never suffer the misfortune of ever meeting you face to face. Racist bitch.

  4. Michelle said

    Hey HG, no beef with you specifically. However, you transcribed what Ron Artest said, did you not? Perhaps he didn’t say “would have” properly but shouldn’t you have, at least, wrote it down correctly?

    Sorry to go off, HG. It’s just that this is about the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve seen this grammatical error and it drives me insane. Those Catholic school nuns are with me constantly when speaking, reading, and writing English.

    Other than this, I’m really digging your site. You’ve got some interesting Categories.

  5. Michelle said

    Racist bitch? Do you know me? So, because I speak proper English I’m racist. AK, sweetheart, not that it’s any of your business but I’m not white. Keep it coming, though, ignoramus.

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  7. kobe said

    ak..chill my man
    michelle, if i don’t quote somebody exactly as they speak, what’s the point in the quote? to quote michelle “hg has the hottest site on the net” ..did i read you correctly? it’s all luv ma

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  9. HG said

    Michelle Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 10:55 am e
    Hey HG, no beef with you specifically. However, you transcribed what Ron Artest said, did you not? Perhaps he didn’t say “would have” properly but shouldn’t you have, at least, wrote it down correctly?
    i hear you michelle..the thing is, i did write it down correctly.. they talk, i write.. im not gonna clean up what somebody says to make it fit the grammar laws.. it takes away from the essence of the quote..

    AK..not the way to handle your beef.. imma let it ride but c’mon, i’m sure you’re smart enough to express your distaste for michelle’s comments without going there.. thanks for stopping by everybody.. cookies and punch at 1230 pacific

  10. Damn, he’s still crazy, alternating between lucidity and complete Mushmouth.

  11. Michelle said

    HG, thanks for reponse. I understand where you’re coming from. It’s just those Catholic school nuns, I tell you.

    I just found your site today and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  12. 11thfloor said

    Michelle, get a hobby. maybe do some crossword puzzles or something. I hear sudoku is popular these days. Your only insight into this blog posting is how poor Ron Artest’s grammar is? Jesus.. were you not hugged enough as a child? Well, I would of wrote more, but I think everyone else reading this gets the point.

  13. AK said


    I was about to respond and really give it to you (but I will leave that up to your boyfriend/dildo – you really need to loosen up…), but after I re-read what I wrote, I realized it probably would of given you an aneurysm.

  14. Michelle said

    11th floor – what more is there to say? The man is an idiot. What grown man jumps into the crowd and tries to fight a fan? He deserves a pass? C’mon. Let’s be serious. I think his stupidity speaks for itself.

    AK – you’re going to need to calm down.

  15. RonRon said

    Yo, Michelle, “would of” and “would’ve” sound exactly the same when spoken out loud in the English language. Maybe you don’t use contractions when you speak, which explains alot about your gripe and the fact that you took the time out to type it out. Or maybe you don’t actually talk to people and your only conversations are typed. Get a friend.

  16. RonRon said

    And here’s an idea, why don’t I come to your job and throw a beer on you? Nah, nevermind. Not worth the beer…

  17. 11thfloor said

    He is a passionate man. As passionate about basketball and defending his honor, as you are about the grammar used in an informal setting. You are good at writing (albeit horrifically boring), and he is good at basketball. This does not make him an idiot. Sure, he might not be intelligent by your standards, but at the same time I doubt you could guard Kobe out on the wing. Gotta run, though I would of loved to stay and chat.

  18. RonRon said

    I bet she couldn’t guard a sandwich from an anorexic

  19. If I had known it was gonna cause this much trouble, I never would of started that altercation.

  20. If that one fat man wasnt in the way, I would of had a one punch knockout.

  21. Michelle said

    Please, guys. Get some lives. You’re not going to run me off by trying your best to insult me. I will not be ashamed of speaking/writing English properly. My point was directed to HG, he responded in kind (and with much more class than the rest of you are currently displaying) and the subject should now be closed.

    RonRon baby, I’d like to see you try.

  22. AK said


    Horrible comeback. Good effort though. I am perfectly calm, calmer than you, to be exact. You should never of commmented to begin with. Now you’re in a jam. Your best bet is to just quit at this point. You’re losing ground fast. Maybe you can hide out with your nun friends since us secular folk can’t really understand your level. You’re just above us.

    11th floor and Ron Ron, nice work.

  23. Larry Bird said

    If I had known he was that nice of an MC, I would of let him pursue that record deal alot more..

  24. Michelle said

    11th Floor – basketball is his profession. As a professional, he should have (or is it should of) showed some restraint and not gone into the stands to attack a spectator. There are certain ways to conduct yourself as a professional. If he couldn’t restrain himself then he definitely deserved to be punished.

    Anyway, I’m out for the weekend. Save your dim witted remarks to a minimum, AK.

  25. RonRon said

    I’ma about to get project in here on this pigeon… tru warier style…

  26. AK said

    Michelle, what’s with all the “sweetheart” and “baby” comments. Are you using those words to give the illusion that you’re perfectly relaxed and in control? Cuz it’s not working..

    You seem more like a scared child at this point.

    Run back to the nuns!! Join the convent!!

  27. If I had known it was going to turn her into such an obnoxious loser, I never would of punished her so badly for her grammatical mistakes.. Oh, dear..

  28. RonRon said

    If I’da known this trick would dog my style so hard, I would of spoken that official ish

  29. If I had known that Ron was so grammatically inferior, I would of suspended him for 2 seasons!!

  30. AK said

    Michelle Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 12:00 pm
    11th Floor – basketball is his profession. As a professional, he should have (or is it should of) showed some restraint and not gone into the stands to attack a spectator. There are certain ways to conduct yourself as a professional. If he couldn’t restrain himself then he definitely deserved to be punished.

    Punishment!! English Grammar!! Are you part of the Westboro Baptist Group or something?

    This chick REALLY needs to loosen up. Although I feel all of our comments are probably hurting that process more than helping it. Hopefully we can just scare her ass back to the convent.

  31. Stephen A. Smith said


  32. David in NYC said

    AK/11thfloor/RonRon —

    God, you are a bunch of pathetic losers — not to mention racist and misogynist. So proud of your stupidity and ignorance, aren’t you? Really scares the shit out of you that a woman is smarter and better educated, doesn’t it?

    Yes, Michelle is correct that “would have” is often replaced incorrectly with “would of” (and your lame attempts at cleverness only draw attention to your lack of grammatical knowledge). Although Michelle may be rowing against the tide in her attempt to encourage the correct use of the language (especially when the audience consists of nitwits like yourselves), she is not wrong to do so.

    The only thing you have conclusively shown is that Michelle is both a better grammarian and a better person than the lot of you.

    And Ron Artest is a violent stupid thug who should HAVE been suspended for life.

  33. William Safire said

    I would of thought that AK and 11th floor were right. But after reading David and Michelle, I think I will clarify this one on Sunday. Stay tune kiddies.

  34. God said

    Moses dropped the 11th commandment. But I should of clarified it sooner, so here goes: Thou shall not commit grammatical errors.

    Seriously, St. Peter will not let you into heaven.

  35. AK said

    Wow. David, I don’t even know where to begin. You’re even more conservative than Michelle. Have you considered joining the Ku Klux Klan? Your comments couldn’t be more innacurate. If you actually knew the facts, you’d eat your pompous words, but then again, you’d probably be smart – and that’s clearly not the case.
    Dave, Ron Ron, 11th floor and myself also reside in NYC. We should meet up to discuss these sensitive issues in person. Don’t worry though, we can hold the discussion in midtown, as I am sure you’ve never felt comfortable anywhere else.

  36. Ron Burgandy said

    @ David in NYC —

    You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.

  37. AK said

    By the way (just to clarify for your stupid ass) –

    No one’s denying Michelle’s accuracy in English grammar rules. Rather, we’re just trying to point out that she’s a tight ass cunt, much like yourself. She’s right, but she’s a cunt. Just like you.

  38. 11th floor said

    Thank you for clarifying that Michelle is both a better grammarian and person than I am. Without your spellbinding insight, I would of sat here the rest of the day with a false sense of security about both my grammatical abilities and intrinsic value as a person. Now, thanks to you, I realize how pathetic, racist(?), and misogynistic my ways have been. God, I am so embarassed. Also, fuck you, nerd.

  39. Snoop Dogg said

    re: David in NYC –

    I find your insightful knowledge of the English language to be immeasurably impressive. Perhaps you should relegate your tidbits of wisdom to your normal postings on, however. Fo’ rizzle, my nizzle dizzle.

  40. Zizou said

    David, I will headbutt the everliving shit out of you.

  41. AK said


    correct me if I am wrong, but these are your political stances:

    1. Support the War in Iraq.
    2. Kill all black people.
    3. Kill all homosexuals.
    4. Only speak the Queen’s English.
    5. Authority mitigates the need for independent thought.

  42. David in NYC by proxy said

    @ AK

    1. No, the President gets his jollies masturbating horses
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes, unless the President gets his jollies masturbating horses, then no.

  43. AK said

    Ok seriously. This has been a lot of fun, but I really think that these tight ass conservatives really don’t get the picture.

    Michelle and David,

    You have completely lost sight of the content of the video by drawing attention towards grammar. Yes, you are correct. Of should not be confused with have. But really, who gives a shit? If Ron Artest bothers you that much, then don’t look at him. Don’t look at his clips. Don’t open your mouth. You have completely failed to cultivate acceptance of the human race. And quite frankly, it’s just sad. While we sit here and make fun of the fact that you pride yourselves on good grammar and such, you’re underdeveloped as mature adults. Us poking fun of you doesn’t really help much, and we shouldn’t of done that. I realize that, and I apologize. But if you can’t accept humanity as it is, then you’re the ones who have the real problem.

    We shitted on you after you took it upon yourself to shit on Artest. So, technically, if you hadn’t opened up your mouth, none of this would of happened. We would of just made some funny comments about the video, and it would of been over with. But instead, you turned this into a Westboro Baptist Fred Phelps sermon. Seriously, you guys should consider joining.

  44. Hey big Dave, I am twice as masculine as you, yet also grammatically correct. Discuss.

  45. David in NYC said

    Wow, such big talk from guys who live in their moms’ basements. You are the very definition of WATB (Whiny Ass Titty Babies).

    Everything you posit about my political and/or cultural leanings could not be more wrong (pyschologists would call that “projection”). Since I am sure you won’t believe me, check out my postings at places like TBogg, World O’ Crap, and alicublog, among other places. I could list other bona fides regarding my philosophical bent, but this is neither the time nor the place for that.

    Your threats of imaginary violence prove that I have obviously hit the nail right on the proverbial head, and that you have neither the intelligence nor the courtesy to respond intellectually (psychologists would call that “compensation” — I can only imagine what else you are compensating for).

    Any future imaginary threats or demonstrations of your ignorance and narrowmindedness will be ignored by me. As my mother used to say, “Always let the asshole have the last word.”

  46. David in NYC by proxy said

    Hip Hop, basketball and black people are the cause of all of society’s woes. Punish them!!! Punish them!!! Punish them!!!!

    We never should have agreed to free the slaves. Damn Lincoln!!! That was the biggest blunder of the Republican party to date!!!

  47. 11th floor said

    What do psychologists call “pompous douchebag”?

    Also, if by our parents basements you meant the financial district, maybe you are smarter than we gave you credit for.

    We should of known better.

  48. AK said


    Threats of violence? This is the internet…

    I think you’ve been blogging too long. The effects of sunlight on David’s skin would probably inspire feelings depicted in the Matrix. No one’s going to read your other blogg comments, you fuckin loser.

    Did you really say WATB? That’s evidence enough that you’re the biggest loser that doesn’t walk the face of planet earth because he’s too scared to interact with anyone unless it’s through his nice, little, safe computer.

  49. David in NYC said

    I like cock!!!!

  50. Seriously? said

    Whiny ass titty babies? Then you “quote” your mother in the final paragraph? What exactly are you even doing on this blog? This is a post about Ron Artest, not David Hume.

    At this point, we are having fun with you because it’s amusing to provoke a nerd, and see what the most aggressive response he can muster would be. Well played man. Maybe you can add this string to your bona fides?

  51. AK said

    Did you get your bona fide “education” online as well?

    Boy, you sure are a genius.

  52. Unbiased observer said

    Watching this from afar has been sort of entertaining on this slow Friday afternoon at the office. But I must say, the last comment from David was pretty entertaining. I swear I’ve heard that “let the asshole have the last word” thing before. But isn’t it some sort of double entendre?

    Anywho, I also enjoyed the positing of cultural/political leanings being posted on a website called World O’Crap.

    Nothing says undeniable intellectual like being a regular blogger on the esteemed institution of, umm, yep, World O’ Crap.

    As a Mick, I must say that Irish poop is actually smart poop as opposed to the rest of the world’s doo. It still stinks though.

  53. HG said

    i would like to thank everybody involved in the argument. 50+ comments is the most for my fledgling blog. Reading the comments..well..I imagine this is how the city of Detroit feels when they win a championship and then watch the city burn.. Love ya D-Town…

  54. RonRon said

    David… if you made money like me you could of paid to remove that giant sick from yo ass… apparently you ain’t a baller son… see what it means is that you live in a bubble dog… you a wankster

    HG nice site

  55. Waz said

    In blog 4, Michelle said:
    “Hey HG, no beef with you specifically. However, you transcribed what Ron Artest said, did you not? Perhaps he didn’t say “would have” properly but shouldn’t you have, at least, wrote it down correctly?”

    If you want to be nitpicky about grammar, then shouldn’t you have, at least, written it down correctly?

    Ron Artest has serious issues and he needs help, but the man knows how to entertain. Sometimes i wonder if he’s not just putting on an act?

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  57. jimp said

    Artest says he should get a pass, but I wonder how getting hit by a cup of beer justifies going after the WRONG guy in the stands. As I recall, he was clubbing an innocent bystander who happened to be next to the actual cup tosser.

  58. Mike Bo said

    Ron Artest is a violent man , he chocked his coach ,he has been suspended numerous times for violent behaviour by the leage and by his teams for not obeying team rules . He has been sent to anger management classes and has denial issues , it’i not his fault ever just ask him . Also if you truely watched the incident you would know it was a cup of gatorade that was thrown and it was thrown by a player on his own team , check it out really .

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