Posted by HG on May 10, 2007


5 seconds after Roger Clemens announced that he was going to the Yankees I started receiving “Roger and Andy sittin in a bullpen” text and emails. There’s obviously no truth to the jokes…….. But this video is funny nonetheless.

I don’t think the Yankees are gonna have to worry about Roger not being around Andy the team on his off days.



6 Responses to “BROKEBAT MOUNTAIN”

  1. Born Wisdom said

    Great headline for this story!

    I am proud to be one of the people who emailed you immediately after Clemens came out errrr announced he’s a Yankee*.

    * – when it’s conducive to his schedule.

  2. Good job on the header. Sometimes, all you really need to make that story work is a good lead.

  3. Born Wisdom said

    “Good job on the header.”

    That’s what Pettitte said to Clemens.

  4. HG said

    wow.. i … wow

  5. Michelle said

    Is it really necessary for Roger Clemens to come back to baseball? He should just go coach his son’s team and be done with it. Although, if you can sucker a team into paying that much money for one year, then definitely take advantage.

  6. Born Wisdom said

    Wow, Michelle.

    Thanks for a glimpse of your conflicted interior monologue. Please let us know when you’ve chosen a stance on the topic of Roger Clemens coming back to Major League Baseball.

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