Posted by HG on May 9, 2007

Larry Walker is/was one of my favorite baseball players. He was a 5 tool guy, he won anlarry-walker.jpeg MVP, he was Canadian and played for the Montreal Expos (that’s like Tony LaRussa managing at Busch stadium), plus he threw right-handed and hit left-handed which I always think is cool. Larry was probably more known for his offense (3 time NL batting champ), but he played the outfield like a master (7 gold gloves) and had an arm that baserunners didn’t want to test. L-Dub learned this week that he’ll be inducted into the Canadian Sport’s Hall of Fame in October. The issue of steroids came up during a conference call with Walker:

“I’m living proof that I didn’t take them because when I retired I put on 15 pounds – I didn’t shrink. An old saying in baseball says ‘If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying’ – pitchers with pine tar and runners on second giving signs, but sticking a needle in you is stepping over the boundary of the sport and what you’re supposed to do.”

Walker also said there should be an asterisk placed next to the name of any person caught using steroids. When asked about Barry Bonds he said it was sad to see Barry chasing the record “and only 30 to 40 percent of people care”.

Walker blasts steroid use in baseball, Flutie lauds CFL as both head to Hall. Courtesy of

Larry Kenneth Robert Walker. Courtesy of Baseball-Reference



  1. They all dope.

    They all deny it.

    Larry Walker CANNOT be trusted. Tony LaRussa, Curt Schilling, Tony Gynn, Rafael Palmiero are examples of doper/liars. George Mitchell and ESPN/Disney, the worst liars of all.

    Steroids are essential in all sports.

  2. John Adams said

    Obviously, Lance can’t tell the difference between a great player and a player on steroids. He won’t even share his real name. My guess is that he doesn’t trust anyone. Based on both Larry’s and Barry’s body changes over the years, the OVERWHELMING evidence is that Larry didn’t and Barry did. You won’t even believe your own eyes?????? In addition, Barry put himself above the game and THAT’S what bothers me the most.

  3. Untrue:

    Cal Ripken was an endurance based doper, Maurice Clkarett a power/speed running back.

    Lance is a Grand Tour blood doper (blood transfusions & EPO drugs) using steroids to prevent muscle atrophy. Track spinter dopers look like NFL lineman.

    Never confuse steroid abuse with body type (training programs).

    They all dope by junior college. No exception.

    Your welcome.

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