Posted by HG on May 7, 2007


We’re all familiar with the Madden jinx whether we believe it or not. I’m a believer. Hell, I tried to have one of my ex-girlfriends put on the cover.. The EA peeps are kinda tight when it comes to the covers so I had to resort to voodoo… I guess my roots worked cause she just got sentenced to 45 days in jail…Anyways… There are some people that don’t believe in the Madden curse.. Namely the employees over at EA Sports:

While much has been made over the years for the “Madden jinx”, landing on the pack of one of EA’s high popular games has actually been a good omen for many of today’s biggest stars. Consider this:

  • Tony Stewart, a two-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion, has appeared twice previously as an EA SPORTS spokesman. After covering EA’s NASCAR franchise in 2001, Stewart won the 2002 title, while the driver of the No. 20 Home Depot Chevrolet again won in 2005 after fronting NASCAR Thunder 2004.
  • After gracing the cover of MVP Baseball 2004, St. Louis Cardinals All-Star Albert Pujols went on to be named the MVP of the 2004 NLCS in leading the Cardinals to the World Series.
  • Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat won the 2006 NBA title after Wade covered NBA LIVE 06.
  • Tracy McGrady (NBA LIVE 07) averaged nearly 25 ppg to lead the Houston Rockets to the NBA Playoffs, where they are knotted 2-2 in the first round with the Utah Jazz.
  • Need we mention Tiger Woods?
  • I can easily shoot down EA’s argument by saying yeah but:

    • Tony Stewart tends to act like a jackass.
    • The Cardinals got swept in the World Series and are playing like crap now.
    • Dwayne Wade cried on the basketball court and his team got swept out of the playoffs.
    • McGrady and the Rockets lost game 7 at home.
    • Tiger Woods got married.

    If EA Sports really wants to prove they don’t believe in the curse I think CEO Larry Probst should be on the cover of the next Madden. He would probably end up getting eaten by an alligator, and the Madden franchise would become second fiddle to Tirico Football.

    Madden Jinx: EA Sports’ rebuttal. Courtesy of The Sporting News


    One Response to “EA SPORTS: OUR COVERS ARE SAFE”

    1. King Steve said

      She dated you too?…Man that slut gets around….

      I don’t know why any NFL player would want to be on the cover of Madden. Well all of the money they would make, but other than that….

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