Posted by HG on May 2, 2007

Whew…. I got nervous when my buddy called me and said “yo, have you seen that video of T-Mac in a skirt tossing a sheep?” I’m happy to report that the video is just a commercial for vitamin water. At least this explains the chronic back problems. I’m pretty sure the PETA nuts folks will have some sort of mutton beef with the CGI abuse of a ewe… After they get done with Michael Vick’s cousin of course. 


A couple of my peoples got at me about not posting the Urlacher/Ortiz badminton vitamin water commercial. Yes I’ve seen it, no I didn’t want to post it because THIS IS ABOUT THE ROCKETS. Proving that I’m occassionally a nice guy (or that I have no backbone) here’s the commercial:

T-Mac tossing a sheep. Courtesy of You Tube

Brian Urlacher and David Ortiz dominating badminton. Courtesy of You Tube




  1. […] you ever wondered how Tracy McGrady would do in a sheep-tossing contest, this new commercial for some Vitamin Water thing finally provides you with an answer. It’s not every day you see an NBA superstar in a […]

  2. Mike White said

    T-Mac’s got NOTHING on Brian Urlacher.

  3. Shanti said

    funny title

  4. Shanti said

    oh and a woop woop, ca caw ca caw to you as well HG 😉

  5. HG said

    I know nothing of the ignorance you are referring to Shanti

  6. The Urlacher/Big Papi badminton commercial is pretty funny too, but damn, that is hilarious

  7. HG said

    there’s both commercials..I hope everybody’s happy.. question: why can people read my posts, email me with comments or whatever but never comment on my actual blog? this isn’t directed to any of my present company. y’all are cool. also, am I wrong for laughing everytime I see that sheep hit the ground?

  8. Shanti said

    well i would comment on more posts but you tried to get all brand new and call me ignorant (j/k) a couple of comments up…^^^ now i just lurk and i forgot that you could tell i’m lurking.

  9. HG said

    I wasn’t calling you ignorant.. i was calling what you were referencing ignorant.. i know what “ca caw ca caw” is and well..

  10. Mike White said

    Take THAT, Gatorade!

  11. […] may or may not have seen the Tracy McGrady Vitamin Water commercial yesterday. (If not, get at it here and here.) Well, I now present to you an equally amusing commercial featuring Brian Urlacher (a […]

  12. chris filiatraut said

    throw the man keep the sheep.

  13. James Hunter said

    How cruel, tossing that beautiful animal, this just makes someone less of a person, and proves nothing by ignorance and a total lack of compassion. A disgraceful display of idiocy. Why not just toss a caber if you really have to prove something.

    James Hunter

  14. skylia said

    How stupid. I don’t think that I have seen anything so stupid in my life! I totally agree with James and all the rest that share the same view. Such ads only provokes other people doing sensless acts of cruelty to animals. Toss away this ad!

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