Posted by HG on May 1, 2007

This isn’t a new story or anything.. I just like the quote from Serena. 

“Just because I have large bosoms, and I have a big ass [laughter], I swear, my waist is 30 inches — 29 to 30 inches, it’s really small! I have the smallest waist, but just because I have those two assets, it looks like I’m not fit. Just in the locker room staring at my body, I’m like, ‘Am I not fit, really not fit? Or is it just that I have all these extra assets?’ You know, it just looks like I’m not fit. I don’t care if I didn’t eat for two years, I still wouldn’t be a size two. No matter how slim I am, I always have this and that. I’m just not that way, I’m bootylicious.”

Here’s some video evidence that Serena is telling the truth.

I hear a lot of people complaining about Serena’s physique, but those people are crazy or they just don’t know anything about “body”. Serena got it going on, and I would say that even if she wasn’t reading my blog religiously.


Fit or unfit? Courtesy of



  1. She’s right, there’s nothing wrong with her “assets,” — it’s the 22 inch biceps that concern me.

  2. HG said

    Mr.Brown, don’t make me drive Serena down the information super highway to and let her deliver a forehand with one of those biceps…

  3. Mike White said

    Come on Larry, knowing that such a beautiful woman has the capacity to crush your skull should turn you on…

  4. Shanti said

    Come on Larry, knowing that such a beautiful woman has the capacity to crush your skull should turn you on…


  5. howard53545 said

    Hey, girl friend got it going on. This lady is tight! I would hit it. She is built like a brick shit house. Now this is old school.

  6. ukperera said

    send me mor i like that

  7. S. McClerkin said

    Serena is a full figured young lady. She is a black girl that i would like to have on my arm any day, and never let go.
    I bet she can ride the hell out of this pony!

  8. Serena is da shiznit!!! Everything about her is da truth from her tennis game 2 her physique(especially her physique). Do da damn thing,babygirl & fuck the haters!!!

    P.S. Will U Marry Me please!!!!!!!Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  9. Makendoo2 said

    I am 64 years old; Serena Williams reminds an old man what it was like to be a young man. She is absolutley beautiful. “Real women definitley have curves”, and Serena has them in the right places. And she’s not all body and no brains; you won’t find many young women who are as smart and dedicated as she is. All of this makes her a wonderful package as a woman and as a human being. Best wishes daughter and don’t spend five minutes listening to the negatives of your jealous critics.

  10. Ray said

    2 words, Serena: Anytime, anyplace!!!

  11. underdogg said

    Serena is a beautiful African woman with an incredible body and
    beautiful face.Just because she doesn’t have a pink skin color and yellow hair,Some of you think that she is not attractive.. Excuse the hell out of me if I dont find pink faces and yellow hair to be attractive..Most of you haters want everyone else to be attracted to the flat booty anarexic pale skin people that you like…i’d take Serena over those fake ass want-ta-be’s any day…Serena baby,I’ll always love you…Stay black,and fine as you are…

  12. Bigg Sexxy said

    Damn,,,,whats wrong with america? We have the right to do an say what we want to do,,,its simple,its called FREEDOM OF SPEACH !!!!you have the god given right to stand on your 2 leggs an do what you want.she is SMOKIN,,,an people are only jealous.An only WISH,,,,that they had a women with a Backside like hers.she can eat crackers in my bed hell my wife would push me out of bed for a night with her

  13. first said

    I love that black booty. She is one gorgeous woman. If she ever needs a towel boy or personal slave I will pay her to do the work.

  14. dj holiday said

    Yes Serena you have a BIG ASS, and I LOVE IT! i promise to buy 4 copies of any mag that features your BIG ASS. This is coming from a man who appreciates you the athlete, you the black woman, and your BIG ASS!!!

  15. Denny004 said

    I think the issue is she doesn’t have any hips. If she had hips the few naysayers would be yaysayers. She look more like the woman in King Magazine.

  16. admiryer said

    Serena don’t worry about passivist. Your body is beautiful and sexy. You are fine exactly the way you are. Some haters don’t appreciate real women, with real bodies.

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