Posted by HG on April 29, 2007


 The defending Western Conference champions are on the ropes.. Dallas had to be nervous going into the game after watching the other half of last year’s NBA Finals get eliminated. It wasn’t an elimination game, but choking off a 7 point lead in the fourth quarter and then having to drive through Oakland to the airport probably made the Mavs feel like the series is over. The Warriors are feelin themselves after going up 3-1. Check out this video from the locker room after the game.

In the long history of things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, rum and coke, and chicken and waffles, there have never been two things that make a better match than Oakland and Stephen Jackson. Who here would be surprised if S-Jacks was ghost ridin his whip and turnin tight ones at midcourt? Not me..

Speaking of “Ghost Riding”, remember when the police had to do it?

If you’re afraid of the sideshowin, goin dumb Oakland, check out Sherry’s Oak-Town.

See, Oakland’s not all bad.. PLUS.. Jessica Alba sits courtside at Warriors’ games. JESSICA ALBA. I’ll take her over Penny Marshall or Dyan Cannon any day.

Neither Stephen Jackson or the Hyphy movemnent had anything to do with this. Thank you Yahoo



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