Posted by HG on April 25, 2007

Who is this guy and what has he done with Randy Moss? Watching this video you’d never know that he’s bumping traffic agents with his car and admitting to marijuana use on Real Sports. He talks about God and Mom, his Heroes, and mooning Green Bay. From the director David Bojorquez:

“he impressed the hell out of me… I don’t consider myself a huge football fan.. I’m first and foremost a filmmaker and I did my homework on him, prior to the shoot. What I learned is that the Moss portrayed by the media, is nothing like Moss the man. He’s just really a nice (extremely talented) guy who you could easily go out and have a beer with. He has a very positive approach to life and what he had to say is something I believe can be inspiring to millions.

While Randy Moss has had run ins with the law, and Terrell Owens’ problems are usually ego related, Moss always came across as the better teammate. Hopefully he hasn’t lost a step as some people suggest. If he’s really got his mind right, and he can get someone to get him the ball (through the draft or by Randy being traded or cut) I say he puts up numbers closer to his 1396 yard, 13 touchdown average his first 6 seasons rather than the 775 yard, 8 touchdown average the last 3 seasons.

The Real Randy Moss. Courtesy of the Conscious Filmmaker via YouTube


3 Responses to “THE REAL RANDY MOSS”

  1. Even Ron Artest can come off charming in an interview, I wouldn’t think much of it. But then again, I’ve always been a Randy Moss fan, even if he does some egg-head things. He seems pretty harmless and he’s a very talented player. Until Oakland, he was on his way to being the best receiver ever.

  2. HG said

    Larry Brown Says:Even Ron Artest can come off charming in an interview

    yeah the vid was added on March 27th.. in time to show “Nice Randy” to potential draft day trade partners.

  3. ahh, I didn’t think of that. good point

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