Posted by HG on April 24, 2007


I received a couple of emails saying that I’m doing “The Secret a disservice”. That I’m not “applying the actual teachings of The Secret”. I probably am and am not, still, whatever we’re doing is working. Not only has all the positive thinking gotten the Rockets out to a 2-0 lead, it’s affecting Utah to the point that they can’t stop fouling. Houston shot 34-38 from the foul line in game two. To be honest, positive thinking can’t take all the credit for Utah’s hacking… they’ve been fouling all season. They led the league in fouls per game average. All in all, the positive thinking is working… Even if I’m not doing it right.

The video above is a visualization tool based on “The Secret”. Besides thinking positive thoughts, I’m supposed to build a vision board (see above), and use positive affirmations. Here are some affirmations based on the video:

  • Houston is a championship magnet.
  • Every move JVG makes turns to gold.
  • The Rockets have more rings than Red Auerbach and Robbins Bros. combined.
  • Confetti falls over the Houston Rockets like an avalanche.
  • There are championship hats and t-shirts being printed for Houston right now.
  • The coaching staff is creating winning strategies everyday.
  • The Rockets receive unexpected technical foul shots.
  • Tracy and Yao have more than enough of a supporting cast.
  • Houston is having their dream season.
  • The Rockets play their best everyday.
  • The Houston Rocket fans will be celebrating everyday.

OK…Am I doing it right now? I hope so. I doubt know you’ve all been using positive thinking to help Houston win the first two games… We’re gonna have to turn it up now that H-Town’s headed out on the road.


2 Responses to “HOUSTON ROCKETS 2.O”

  1. Boyd said

    The “secret” is obvious. Sure the Jazz fouled, but the Rockets were getting bump calls that were not being called on both sides of the court. Houston fouled just as often and as hard as the Jazz; the calls just weren’t made. Any time the refs give a 20 point advantage in foul shots that team is going to win. That second game was a sham, the refs gave it to Houston. NBA refs have to much control over a game and often decide the outcome, that’s the secret.

  2. HG said

    Boyd… We’re being positive around here brother. All of the positivity is making Utah foul.. That and the fact that they’re a bunch of butchers.

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