Posted by HG on April 23, 2007


The Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons both get a chance to push their series leads to 2-0 tonight. That’s fitting since they will be meeting up in the NBA finals. I love symmetry. Speaking of, check out this video of Olajuwon and Ming.

Props to whoever (kurtman31?? ClutchCity Productions) put the time in to put that together. I can never get enough of the “Dream Shake” HO (no Don Imus) put on David Robinson. Finding similar moves, blocks, and dunks for Yao and Hak had to take forever. Yao was a beast in game one… 28 points and 13 boards.. If he keeps that up he’ll have a ring like Hakeem too. As for the competition…..

I know you’re not supposed to kick a man when he’s down. I know your not supposed take joy in another person’s pain. I can’t help it though. Andrei Kirilenko cried. He CRIED. I’m not one of those people that says a man can never cry. If you lose a family member or some other hardship hits you, it’s cool to shed some tears. Crying at work?!? Well, that’s just soft. You can’t cry on the job, in front of all of your boys, over playing time. Want more playing time? Quit playing like crap. If players are gonna start crying over playing time then somebody better get Smush Parker a king sized box of Kleenex. Everybody knows about the deal Kirilenko and his wife have.. the “you get one sexy time outside of the marriage per year” deal.. And he’s crying? GTFOH. So..If you’re scoring at home, Larry Miller has argued with Derek Fisher, and now Andrei Kirilenko is crying. If I can get more people to stay positive about the Rockets the Utah Jazz might end up forfeiting the series.

JAZZ: Kirilenko cries over diminished role. Thank you Salt Lake City Tribune

Olajuwon and Ming, the same but different. Thank you Kurtman31 via YouTube

The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and The Rockets. Thank you ME



3 Responses to “TAKE TWO”

  1. That video was awesome, I can’t believe how well the producer paralleled the two

  2. HG said

    it’s like yao was watching hakeem videos growing up..that means maybe yao was “ao” and then added the y later

  3. Jason said

    That is a quality video.

    Symmetry = the Pistons and Rockets winning with the exact same final score last night (after the Nets and Bulls won with the same score on Saturday).

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