Posted by HG on April 22, 2007


The positivity tour got off to a good start in Houston last night. Actually it got off to a slow start until Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy read my blog to his team at the half. Tracy McGrady, 1 point in the first half, was so inspired by my writing and support that he came out and scored 16 points in the 3rd quarter. T-Mac’s outburst combined with solid play from Yao Ming and Skip To My Lou led Houston to a 84-75 victory.

I’m not gonna take all of the credit for this victory.. the players and coaching staff definitely did their parts. A lot of people say that you don’t need a coach in the NBA.. You can just roll the ball out and the guys will do what they do. Not true.

Jeff Van Gundy is one of the best coaches invangundy1.jpg the league. He might not be as much of a pleasure to look at on the sidelines as Pat Riley or older brother Stan, but the dude can coach. Jeff has compiled a winning percentage of .574 in his 11 years in the league. He has only finished below .500 once when he has coached a full 82 game season.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet JVG twice. He pretty much yelled at me the first time (after the Lakers/Knicks, Kobe/Childs game), but he was much cooler the second time. That time we were heading over to Minute Maid Park for the All-Star game or the Homerun Derby..I can’t remember which. Regardless, we put the past behind us, and I’m looking forward to meeting him again when he’s the coach of the 2007 World Champion Houston Rockets.


2 Responses to “1 DOWN 15 TO GO”

  1. Jason said

    That must be his high school yearbook photo.

  2. HG said

    I think it’s his picture from Nazareth college..I want to make a joke but I’m being too positive right now.

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