Posted by HG on April 21, 2007

This is a clip or montage of Tracy McGrady gettin busy against the Utah Jazz. He dropped Jim Brown on the Jazz back in January. That was without Yao in the lineup so Tracy was carrying the load… It also lets Utah know Tracy can and will go off if he has to.

Houston’s quest for their 5th visit to the finals and 3rd championship begins tonight. Since the Celtics didn’t make the playoffs, WE should be in good shape. McGrady and Ming are both top five players at their positions. Shane Battier is the ultimate glue guy. Dikembe Mutombo is a great back-up center no matter how old he is, and Juwan Howard, Rafer Alston, Luther Head, and Chuck Hayes round out a decent supporting cast. The role players could be stronger, but Bonzi Wells was lacking the positive attitude that (I) the Rockets want on the team and he had to be sent home. He’s gonna miss out on a ring. Damn shame.


One Response to “T-MAC TIME”

  1. Ghengis Hasan said

    You cannot tell me he played well in Utah. He brang no energy and basically had nothing all game. He needed to score, force the play on more than one occasion and like he said, KEEP SHOOTING the ball. He had two games to do something. He did practically nothing. yeh I know it takes a team but im not looking at the teams performance. Im looking at his. It was dismal. Why does he keep thinking “ill take what the defense gives me.” Truth is, the defense gave him nothing. So he has to go and get it, steal it if he has to. but he did nothing. He literally did nothing. Im sick of the ball thrown in to yao. Okur owns him now. Bought him for a small price (his offensive energy). McGrady should be first option almost always. Unfortunately he hasnt been all part thanks to the coach. I feel good about todays game. But I dont feel good about the series, including todays game, If that makes any sense. I think T-mac will play good, maybe even yao. But the Rockets will lose. Its just one of them feelings.

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