Posted by HG on April 21, 2007

Detroit over Orlando in 5 games: The Pistons will dominate the Magic, but Detroit always gives one game away.

Cleveland over Washington in 5 games: No Arenas, no Butler, big problem. I’m taking the Wiz to win one game because I can’t see Cleveland sweeping anybody.

New Jersey over Toronto in 6 games: The experienced Nets will handle the young Raptors. Toronto will be better for it next season.

Miami over Chicago in 7 games: It’s gonna be tough but the Heat will oust the Bulls again. Shaq and Wade will be rewarded with a trip to Detroit. 

Dallas over Golden State in 6 games: I’m giving Don Nelson credit for 2 wins. I don’t care that G. State has won the last 5 against Dallas. The Mavs have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs for a reason and the Warriors playoff fate wasn’t decided until the last game of the season for a reason.

Phoenix over Los Angeles in 5 games: Bad blood or no bad blood, Kobe doesn’t have the horses to keep up with Nash and crew. Stoudamire, Marion, Barbosa, Diaw, and Bell dwarf Odom, Walton, Brown, Farmar, and the rest of the bench.

San Antonio over Denver in 6 games: The Iverson/Melo experiment won’t pay dividends until next year. The Spurs spent most of the season as the forgotten team in the west. That and Joey Crawford should have a nice sized chip on their shoulder.

Houston over Utah in 6 games: T-Mac’s first visit to the 2nd round won’t come without a fight. Did you expect me to pick this series any other way?

You can take a look at my brackets here. Courtesy of Ball Hype



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