Posted by HG on April 20, 2007

Today is April 20, 2007. An average Friday except to the weed culture. 4/20 means Thanksgiving in April for derms potheads. They get together in celebration of cannabis… They eat, drink, and smoke mary.

I don’t know if this is true but it seems to me that 4:20 is bigger than ever this year. Three different people told me they were having or going to 4/20 themed parties. I didn’t know or consider that 2 of these 3 people chiefed trees. This is the first year anybody I know has told me they were going to a 4/20 party.

I received 4 different chain text messages with the same general theme:

PUFF PUFF PASS! This is a cellular blunt so don’t fuck up the rotation keep this shit movin’ til the whole world hits it! Happy 4/20 

or something like this:

Row row row my blunt twist it at da end.. light it up n take a puff n pass it 2 a friend… keep dis blunt goin! Happy 420

I know text messaging is bigger than ever but this is the first time I’ve ever been texted 420 chain messages.. And speaking of chain messages, forwards, all that crap. Stop sending them to me. I hate that shit. I hate it in my email…I especially hate it on my cellphone. I wasn’t responding or forwarding the blunt messages today until I was worried that all of the 420ers knew I wasn’t “passin it to the left” and would continue to bombard me. 3 of the text messages were from people not stored in my phone. Numbers that I don’t recognize.. So I sent the last two on to some more people (that are probably pissed) and low and behold.. No more chain text. Today. I’m sure I’ll get the “If you love the Lord” or “Send this for a miracle” text tomorrow.

In honor of the people honoring 4:20, I have put together a list of some of their heroes.nate-newton.jpg

Nate Newton: The former member of the Dallas Cowboys was busted with 213 pounds of the ganja back in November 2001. 5 weeks later he got caught with 175 pounds. He ended up doing 2 1/2 years in Federal prison.

ricky_williams.jpg Ricky Williams: The shy, weed loving, helmet wearing in an interview, running back. He made headlines for violating the NFL’s drug policy 3 times, and retiring to avoid suspension. Sticky Ricky’s hoping to be reinstated into the league this fall.


Damon Stoudamire: Mighty Mouse has had all kinds of problems with the mean green. His most memorable arrest came when he tried to get some weed wrapped in aluminium foil through an airport metal detector. Stoudamire credits a Scott Baio after-school special for helping him kick his habit.

That’s my top 3. My Michael, Magic, and Bird. My Berry, Alba, and Union. If you have anybody you think should be in the top 3 instead of who I have, lemme know.

Speaking of marijuana. This week Pro Football Weekly reported that Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson, Clemson DE Gaines Adams, and Louisville DT Amobi Okoye admitted to smoking marijuana. In the past players such as Warren Sapp and Randy Moss have dropped down the draft ladder due to being associated with marijuana. This is always funny to me.

If a guy has smoked some kush in the past, he’s not worthy of being drafted in the top 10, but it’s ok to go later in the first round? General managers that draft early have more scruples than gm’s that draft later? I don’t get that. It seems the only thing the league wants to do is lower the guys signing bonus. If you go lower in the draft, your chance of going to a better team increases. Wouldn’t it be more detrimental to a top pick to wind up on the Lions rather than the Rams, Steelers, or Jaguars?

Message to draftees from the NFL: If you’re a first round stud and want to make sure you end up with the Chargers, admit to blazing the buddah a few times your senior year. You’re gonna lose a little money, but you’ll play for a winner.

Five Athletes That Enjoy 4-20. Courtesy of


One Response to “THE ALL 4-20 TEAM”

  1. Randomness said

    Don’t know if I can post a YouTube video on a comment, so I’ll just post the link.

    Speaking of 4:20, you have to watch the linked YouTube video. It’s a guy who went on the price is right and bid 4:20, over and over again. It’s hilarious!

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