Posted by HG on April 20, 2007


In an edition of Free Throws earlier this week, I had a story about Joe Frazier taking his daughter to court. In his suit he alleged:

His daughter, who is a candidate for a municipal court judge seat in Philadelphia, breached her ethical duty to her father by not making available business and legal records related to the years she advised him.

Smoking Joe has had a change of heart… Deciding to drop the case against Jacquelyn Frazier-Lyde. According to Frazier-Lyde:

“I talked to my father today and he asked me how I was doing and I told him that I loved him.”

Allow me to translate: I called my dad today and begged him to chill out on the lawsuit. I’m running for a seat on the city of Philadelphia’s Municipal Court in the May 15th Democratic Primary and the last thing I need is my dad making me look bad and screwing up my opportunity.

Frazier’s lawyer reluctantly dropped the lawsuit for his client, but has said he will refile if Ms. Frazier-Lyde doesn’t come up with the papers in question. Smoking Joe’s lawyer Michael P. Kelly:

“This is about a father’s love for his daughter. We’re giving her a chance to live up to her word. If we’re not fully satisfied, I’ll be right back, quicker than a Joe Frazier left hook.”

I’m guessing they’ll refile on May 16th.

Joe Frazier to box his daughter… In court. Thank you Delaware Online

“Smokin” Joe Frazier dropping suit against daughter over records. Thank you Yahoo Sports



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