Posted by HG on April 20, 2007


Billionaire Calvin Ayre sold his possessions for 10grand in order to start Sure he’s had some problems with the British Columbia Securities Commission, but who hasn’t. The 45 year old, Canadian, son of a pig farmer is living the life, even if he has to worry about setting foot on U.S. soil and being stalked. I can understand a woman losing her mind over a billionaire. A dude with that much money makes Captain Save ‘Em seem like corporal punishment. Unfortunately for Calvin, his stalker is the 60 year old brother of his sister’s baby’s daddy…Patrick Tyrone Roberts.

PTR or Paddy isn’t the average stalker. He’s a convicted weed smuggler, a pilot, a Dutch prison vet and a possible snitch.. Plus he can’t leave Canada due to his problems with the law. His beef with Calvin Ayre is the result of a custody battle between Ayre’s sister and Roberts’ brother. The pair were together for a brief amount of time… Calvin’s sister didn’t find out she was pregnant with twins until after the break-up. Calvin filed a petition with the court to support his sister during the custody hearings, and she eventually won full custody of the twins. Roberts has been pissed ever since. Oh yeah, did I mention that the twins are in COT DAMN college now?

Since Paddy Roberts can’t leave the country of Canada, he’s had to cyberstalk Ayre. He has allegedly gone on forums for mixed martial arts, gambling, and music posting as multiple users and having conversations between all of the users bashing Calvin Ayre. He even started his own website:

In an effort to infiltrate the online gambling industry, Paddy Roberts even set up the fake online poker news website called and tried to get the Bodog Press team to schedule an interview with Ayre. Pretty hilarious considering the ill conceived website was already bashing Calvin with Paddy’s self written and multi-personality propaganda at the time of the interview request.

Paddy Roberts claims that he is simply trying to protect the online gambling industry from a serial fraudster. We here at YBB say he’s a hater.

Calvin Ayre is being stalked. Courtesy of

Who is Calvin Ayre? Courtesy of Wikipedia

BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers arrested. Courtesy of CBS News



5 Responses to “HE DIDN’T BET ON THIS”

  1. […] is this you? Re: Paddy Roberts Is HG from Major Wager the HG who posted this? HE DIDN’T BET ON THIS YOU BEEN BLINDED If so is this your site HG? […]

  2. colin martin said

    What is the deal with Patrick roberts being a rat.I just went thru an 8 year trial with him. I find this verry hard to believe. I know Patrick and Calvin used to be friends long ago and this has now definately changed. I would certainly like to here why he is being called a rat. Is there any merritt to that comment. Or is this just someone getting back at patrick for his comments about Calvin.

  3. i wonder if he is succesfull with this venture

  4. Fred Lookedover said

    Colin – you and Damyen and Donald should know for christ sake! He didn’t get a sweet SOP from Eccles because he is such a funny guy !!!!

  5. Fred Lookedover said

    Colin – you asked ! Finally opened your eyes did you ? !

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