Posted by HG on April 19, 2007

Remember when I asked “Where The Hell Is Willy Aybar?”? Well, we have our answer.. And it’s not a good one. According to Aybar’s agent, Luis Valdez, Willy is in Boston battling substance abuse and trying to get his life on track. Initially Valdez had said that Willy Aybar was fighting drinking and drugs. He changed his story up a bit, saying he didn’t know if his client was involved with anything outside of alcohol. Valdez went on to say:

It’s a situation where he doesn’t want anybody to help him. He’s embarrassed for himself, for his family.”

I don’t have anything witty or sarcastic to say about this situation. I just hope Willy Aybar can get off or over whatever he’s dealing with and on the Braves bench again.

Where The Hell is Willy Aybar? Swacked from You Been Blinded

Agent: Suspended Aybar Has Substance Issue. Swacked from the Atlanta Journal Constitution via the Baseball Think Factory’s Baseball Primer Newsblog by way of Ball Hype


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