Posted by HG on April 19, 2007

I’m a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers. They didn’t make the playoffs so I don’t have a rooting interest in this year’s tournament. Since Philly’s out I can enjoy the basketball, but I don’t care who wins the title.. I’m just looking forward to some great series and incredible individual performances although it would be nice to pull for a team on a (every other) nightly basis. 

 I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with “The Secret”, but it’s the latest get rich quick scheme self-help concept spreading like wildfire. It’s a movie/documentary sort of thing that teaches about the Law of Attraction. To put the basic theme of “The Secret” in a nutshell, you are what you think and we all possess the ability to manifest things into our lives. According to the movie, in order to get your dream job, ideal mate, or happiness in general, you need to think positive, reinforce your positive thinking, and of course take action. You can check out the first 20 minutes of the movie below:

This is the official website for “The Secret” and you can get the wiki11 here. As always, there’s two sides to every story so “The Secret” has a number people that think the whole idea is complete bullshit.

What does this have to do with the NBA and sports? Nothing at all.. Until now. Lemme say thanks to everybody that took part in the “Can You Help A Brotha Out?? leave a number” post. I wanted to involve the masses because A) I’m a man of the people and B) I didn’t want there to be any suspicion about the validity of the team selected.

Here’s what happened.. I put all of the teams that qualified for the NBA playoffs into a hat. I drew the teams from the hat one by one. Each team was assigned a number based on when they were drawn from the hat… For the slow people, I picked San Antonio from the hat first, so they were number one. New Jersey was drawn 2nd, so they represent the number 2,  et cetera. After giving all of the teams their number, I tallied the results of the CYHABO post to see which number received the most “votes”. The numbers 2 and 3 tied with 3 votes apiece. Here’s the breakdown of the votes per number:

  1. SAN ANTONIO (2 votes)
  2. NEW JERSEY (3 votes)
  3. HOUSTON (3 votes)
  4. MIAMI (1 vote)
  5. UTAH (0 votes)
  6. LA LAKERS (1 vote)
  7. DENVER (2 votes)
  8. CLEVELAND (1 vote)
  9. ORLANDO (2 votes)
  10. DETROIT (2 votes)
  11. DALLAS (1 vote)
  12. PHOENIX (1 vote)
  13. CHICAGO (1 vote)
  14. GOLDEN STATE (1 vote)
  15. WASHINGTON (2 votes)
  16. TORONTO (2 votes)

To break the tie, I had to flip a coin (and throw the validity out the window). Heads was New Jersey and tails was Houston. The quarter landed on tails.


So… I’m gonna test “The Secret”. Sort of. For the duration of the Rockets’ stay in the playoffs they are my “Secret” team. I’m gonna (and I encourage others to join me) try to only think positive thoughts about Houston. No Jeff Van Gundy humping Zo’s leg jokes… No reminiscing over Shaq dissing Asians welcoming Yao to the league, and definitely no “Houston we have a problem” references. I will post at least one positive comment about the Houston Rockets everyday until they win the championship.. Or get eliminated. I’m gonna have to be hella positive seeing as Tracy McGrady has never advanced to the second round of the playoffs, and the Rockets are facing a tough first round test in the Utah Jazz. The only glitch I can see with my plan is the “taking action” aspect. There’s no action that I could take that would increase the Rockets’ chances of winning it all. I don’t have 12  Jeff Gillooly’s aka Jeff Stone.

There you have it. I wanted everybody to select a number in hopes of having one number dominate the polling. I didn’t wanna do the lottery on my own, pull SA, Dallas, Phoenix, Detroit, or Miami, and then have everyone thinking I rigged the contest. I guess “the best laid plans….”

If you’re a fan of a team that didn’t make the playoffs or you just wanna have some dumb fun, join me in “secreting” the Rockets to a championship. 

CAN YOU HELP A BROTHA OUT?? (apparently not many people could) Courtesy of You Been Blinded




  1. Erin said

    Damn – for trying to generate random numbers, you sure were mysterious. I think it scared people… though not me.

    If the people filling out brackets at Ballhype are any indication, you shouldn’t have to work that hard to come up with positive thoughts about the Rockets getting out of the first series. The predictions are currently at Rockets 110 votes, Jazz 25 votes.

  2. HG said’s working already.. Let’s go rockets clap. clap. clap clap clap.

  3. TheHype said

    So that’s how Jesus and Mary Madeline had a child. . . .

    I’ll start things off with the positive Rockets thingy: you can’t effin’ stop him! 🙂

  4. HG said

    Yo hype guy..that video’s hilarious..I never wanna see Yao “struggling” in an interview again.

  5. Neopergoss said

    I just want to say that if the Rockets win, this doesn’t prove anything. Most people give them around 1:20 odds. Stranger things have happened.

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